Food Photography Scandal Rocks Veg Community

VegNews Magazine
VegNews Magazine

This morning, VegNews Magazine readers were rocked by a food photography scandal.

What if the food photos you were drooling over were not what they seemed? Not even close. That’s what happened to thousands of VegNews Magazine readers when vegan food blogger QuarryGirl uncovered a gasp-worthy scandal. Find out why VegNews readers feel duped..

Lets face it, a big part of the reason why many of us read food blogs and magazines is to gawk at the recipe photos. When I get a new cookbook – I check out the photos first! Food photography is incredibly valuable and crucial to food content today – like right here on FK where all the photos are 100% real, mind you.


VegNews is without a doubt the number one vegan magazine out there. I have personally been reading them for over ten years. But when I read and saw proof that their “vegan” food photos are actually not vegan at all – I felt a bit duped.

So what did they do?? It turns out VegNews has been photoshopping stock photos for their print and online content. For example, they digitally removed the ‘bones’ from some meaty ribs and called them “vegan” – gasp.

This leaves VegNews readers with more questions than answers. For one, how do we know that the recipes they publish are actually tested and tasted – if they were, then why not publish those photos.

And that’s why this scandal is so incredibly timely for not just the veg community – but for all food sites and blogs. Authenticity is so important. Who wants to look at a photo that doesn’t even match the recipe you are trying to re-create?

That’s why bloggers and blogsites like Family Kitchen are so priceless. You get a recipe, true photos and true feedback from the very person who wrote the recipe. Yay Babble.

As a food photographer I find it incredibly odd that VegNews would do this. Read more of my thoughts – and see the proof that I uncovered. QuarryGirl’s post on this scandal here.

real vegan veggie burger photo
real vegan veggie burger photo – see it’s easy to make vegan food look great.
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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