Food Trend Predictions: What's In and What's Out in 2012

Food trends — we all pretend to be annoyed by them because food is just food and of course none of us are so shallow that we would follow a trend, but then none of us are having fondue parties or making various foams, either. So what are the food trends from this year that will fall off the map in 2012? And what will replace them? Here are our best guesses.

  • Out: Ye Olde Restaraunte 1 of 9
    Out: Ye Olde Restaraunte
    In: Clean and comfortable
    For a while there every new establishment in New York seemed to be going for the early 20th century vibe, complete with penny tile and filament light bulbs. Look for less old timey, and more chic and comfortable interiors in 2012.
    Image Credit: Ulfbastel
  • Out: Bacon 2 of 9
    Out: Bacon
    In: Face bacon
    It's not so much that bacon itself is out, it's that talking about it is. Everyone is officially sick of hearing about how you like bacon. Time to put away the bacon t-shirt, the bacon band-aids, and the bacon bikini. Face bacon, on the other hand, that's something special. All the flavor of bacon with added hook of coming from the jowls. I look forward to reading your face bacon blog.
    For a dish that traditionally calls for face bacon, check out bucatini all'amatriciana
  • Out: Cake pops 3 of 9
    Out: Cake pops
    In: Pop tarts

    Cake pops are the kind of thing that's better as a concept than as a food. It's cake that looks like a lollypop -- cool. It's gone in one bite -- not cool. Pop tarts, on the other hand have stood the test of time. And there can be only one baked good with "pop" in the name.
    Check out this recipe to make your own pop tarts at home
    Image Credit: Brooke McLay
  • Out: Small plates 4 of 9
    Out: Small plates
    In: Normal plates

    Tapas restaurants and other small plate establishments are a great way to spend a lot of money on food and still feel hungry at the end of the meal. Until the next boom time, expect people to stretch their dining out dollar by eating full-sized portions.
    If you still insist on small plates, check out these tapas recipes
    Image Credit: Shaina Olmanson
  • Out: Cupcakes 5 of 9
    Out: Cupcakes
    In: Cupcakes
    This behemoth of the dessert world is not going away. And why should it? Cupcakes are awesome. That said, I wouldn't invest in a cupcake bakery if I were you. They may not be going away, but I think we have all we need.
    Check out our favorite cupcake recipe here
  • In: Local food 6 of 9
    In: Local food
    Even more In: Hyper-local food
    Places like the Brooklyn Grange and Rooftop Farms bring local eating to a rooftop near you. This local food is measured in blocks, not miles.
    Learn more about Rooftop Farms here
  • Out: Fossil-fuel power 7 of 9
    Out: Fossil-fuel power
    In: Wind power

    I mean, don't sell your car yet or anything, but fossil fuels are the fuels of the past. Making a comeback, the energy source of the even more distant past- wind power. Brooklyn chocolatiers the Mast Brothers have just brought back their first cargo of cocoa via sailboat this year, the first time a sailing ship unloaded commercial cargo in New York since 1939. Their goal is to eventually import all their cocoa by sail.
    Learn more about the Mast Brothers sail shipment of cocoa
    Image Credit: Kevin Murray
  • In: Bitters 8 of 9
    In: Bitters
    Even More In: Artisan bitters

    Americans have rediscovered the joys of mixing cocktails at home and that means more and more home bars are being stocked with bitters. It also means that it's a golden age for artisanal bitters. Bitters can be flavored with a wide variety of essences -- from the commonplace like orange peel to the obscure like bitterwort. 2012 is the time to experiment with bitters.
    Check out a refreshing cocktail using bitters
  • Out: Deep-fried 9 of 9
    Out: Deep-fried
    In: Grilled
    Around the time of the invention of deep-fried butter, the quest to explore all the possibilities the deep frier presents reached its terminus. Now is the time to rediscover the joys of charcoal, smoke, and the kiss of flame. Cookout staples like burgers have never gone out of style, but when was the last time you grilled a sardine or some veggies or a dessert. There's a whole world out there to explore in 2012.
    For some grilling inspiration, check out this grilled bison recipe
    Image Credit: Angie McGowan

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