Forget Flowers. Make a Bacon Bouquet Instead

Flowers are undoubtedly gorgeous. I truly do love them, especially in the spring and summer when they’re growing and light up my lawnscape. BUT I have found a new bouquet that would brighten my day equally as well. A bouquet made from BACON. That’s right you read correctly bacon. We’ve all seen bouquets made from strawberries but bacon! Not only are they beautiful they would make a great Valentine’s gift, that hard to buy for man? What about a bacon bouquet? Grab your bacon and follow the jump for the step by step tutorial. 

  • Step 1 1 of 9
    Step 1
    Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray mini muffin tin with cooking spray. Take 8 pieces of thick-sliced bacon & starting from thickest side, roll. Place rolled bacon into muffin tins. Bake 15 min. Transfer to next empty 8 tins. Bake additional 15 min. Transfer to last empty 8 tins. Bake for final 15 mins. (Total baking time 45 mins.)
  • Step 2 2 of 9
    Step 2
    Carefully transfer cooked bacon roses to a plate lined with kitchen towels to absorb extra grease. Set aside.
  • Step 3 3 of 9
    Step 3
    You'll need an artificial stem of 6 roses. I found mine at the dollar store for $1.
  • Step 4 4 of 9
    Step 4
    Remove flower petals from stems. Discard petals or save for another crafty project.
  • Step 5 5 of 9
    Step 5
    Disassemble remaining pieces of stems. Leave leaves on stem.
  • Step 6 6 of 9
    Step 6
    Place green receptacles back onto each stem.
  • Step 7 7 of 9
    Step 7
    Retrieve cooled & drained bacon roses, choose best 6 and snack on remaining 2 🙂
  • Step 8 8 of 9
    Step 8
    Place 1 bacon rose onto each flower receptacle.
  • Finished Bacon Bouquet 9 of 9
    Finished Bacon Bouquet
    Place your finished bacon bouquet into a vase with water (or decorative glass, rocks) and voila! If you'd like a fuller bouquet make additional roses.

Bacon Roses adapted from Instructables.

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