Fourth of July Centerpieces You Can Eat

I’m a foodie, so the thought of party decorations doesn’t cross my mind until I’m up to my elbows in dinner dishes and dessert plans.  I’ll have my grocery list purchased, meals appropriately chopped and diced, everything lined up and ready to feed my crowd of revelers.   But then, somewhere between filling the water glasses with a refreshing lime spritzer and placing bowls of appetizers upon the tablecloth, I stand back and realize how much nicer the table would have been with a lovingly laid out centerpiece.

This year, however, is going to be different.  Our Fourth of July picnic table shall not be unadorned!   Rather, it will be adorable!  After a quick trip to a local thrift store, a buzz into the craft store for silver pipecleaners, and a stop off at the grocers bulk jellybean bin aisle, we have everything needed to make these cute Jellybean Firework Centerpieces.     

It was important to me that our table centerpieces be simple enough for my children to assemble, cute enough to pass my discriminating style check, cheap enough to keep the hubby happy, and green enough to make even  Al Gore tingle with pride.  Indeed, here are four edible centerpiece ideas sure to make and keep everyone happy this July fourth.

July Fourth Fireworks You Can Eat

Supplies: Several tall, thin glasses or vases (I purchased mine at Goodwill for 39 cents, each), 1-2 pounds of red, white and blue jellybeans or other candies, 1 package of silver pipe cleaners.

How to assemble: Clean and dry all glasses and vases thoroughly before using.  Drop a few jellybeans into the bottom of one of the glasses.  Press a silver pipecleaner into the center of the jellybeans.  Carefully pour jellybeans into the vase, around the pipecleaner, making sure the pipecleaner stays in the center of the candy.  Fill glass to the top with jellybeans.  

Other Simple & Edible Patriotic Centerpiece Ideas:

Lollipop Parade.  Fill a small, white tin bucket with red lollipops.  Tie a blue bow around it, for extra measure.

Patriotic Pinwheels.  Tie a red, white, or blue candy stick to a homemade pinwheel.  Display in small flower pots.

Ice Cream Carnations.  Go retrofabulous with these classic decorations.  Fill the bottom of a ice cream sundae glass with wrapped peppermints, or other red, white or blue candies.  Poke white carnations into the candy, with the blossoms resting just above the lip of the sundae glass, creating a “foamy” ice cream look.  Top with a small, red crabapple (the “cherry on top”).

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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