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Making an entire meal for a party can be overwhelming.  What should be served?  How to get it all on the table at just the right time.  Well, for the Fourth of July you are in luck because I have planned out an entire feast for you and with directions on how make it from start to finish.  This menu includes mini mediterranean burgers, watermelon stars, cheesy corn on a stick and a star layer cake.  Your guests will be impressed with your menu and the kids will have a blast with their tasks.  Find out how to make this fabulous meal after the jump…

Every week I write up an entire meal to make with your kids and server your family and/or guests.  Over at CookingWithMyKid we call it Swell Supper and below is this weeks.

I love the Fourth of July.  As in LOVE! The warm summer day, the parades, playing in the park, splashing in the creek next to the house, being with my family and friends, and eating delicious food and watching the spectacular blue and red and white fireworks bursting above all the neighborhoods. Yes, I’m the one in the crowd giving the play-by-play on every explosion in the sky. What can I say, I’m a sucker for celebrating my country’s independence. I’m so excited for the 4th I’m serving up some delicious treats for my family and friends. For this special Fourth of July swell supper we are serving up Mini Mediterranean Burgers with Cheesy Corn on a StickFestive Watermelon Stars, and Star Layer Cake.

Swell Supper: Fourth of July BBQ

It’s hot outside so I would start with the star layer cake early in the morning and then let it cool while you enjoy some time outside with the family. When it gets closer to chow time, give yourself about 45 minutes, head on in and frost the cake.

Swell Supper: Fourth of July BBQ

Once the cake is sporting it’s star it’s time to prep dinner. Start a pot of water boiling and put in the corn for about 5 minutes. Prep the meat for the mini burgers and set aside. Put sticks into each piece of corn, dip in butter and cheese (my kids love this part!), and place it on the grill. Slice up the watermelon and let the kids enjoy making the star shapes. Time to put the burgers on the grill with the corn so they will be ready at the same time.

Swell Supper: Fourth of July BBQ

Get all the fixin’s out and set up the eating area and place the buns on the grill. The burgers and buns and cornshould be ready, take them off the grill and onto serving trays. Your festive Fourth of July supper waits! Now doesn’t that sound swell?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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