Fresh This Month: 25 Ways To Prepare In-Season Oranges For Kids!

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It’s dark and cold and wet during these late winter months. Good thing it’s citrus season! Your local market is brimming with bright, sunshiny and delicious oranges of all varieties and will brighten your home and go easy on your pocketbook. (Buying in season brings variety at good prices.) Now all that’s left is getting your kids on board. We’ve taken care of that for you with 25 recipes that will have your kids begging to cook with oranges year round.

  • Tangerine Sorbet 1 of 25
    Tangerine Sorbet
    Brighten up the winter blues and have an indoor picnic. Just toss a blanket on the floor, blow up a beach balls and serve some bright and sunny sorbet.
    Get the recipe for Tangerine Sorbet at Petit Chef
  • Scones, Sweet Scones 2 of 25
    Scones, Sweet Scones
    This is my all time favorite scone recipe, you can add just about anything you want and they still come out delicious. Love this version with fresh from the tree tangerines.
    Make your kids and hubs excited with Tangerine Scones
  • Vegan Orange Spice Cookies 3 of 25
    Vegan Orange Spice Cookies
    A tasty vegan treat that will have your kids jumping for joy and singing your praises.
    Surprise your kids with Vegan orange spice cookies
  • Blood Orange French Toast 4 of 25
    Blood Orange French Toast
    The blood orange season is short, so take advantage and have some fun with your kids by cooking up some citrus inspired french toast. I know mine are always shocked when we slice open what looks like a regular orange to find dark red deliciousness inside.
    Start the morning with blood orange French toast
  • Blood Orange Creamsicles 5 of 25
    Blood Orange Creamsicles
    With your left over blood oranges from french toast, make these blood orange creamsicles. What kid doesn't love a popsicle?!
    Make your own blood orange creamsicles
  • Ginger Orange Olive Oil Muffins 6 of 25
    Ginger Orange Olive Oil Muffins
    Kids love cupcakes, Ok these are muffins, but they look and taste like cupcakes. Yum!
    Your kid will love making these ginger orange olive oil muffins
  • Cranberry Orange Quickbread 7 of 25
    Cranberry Orange Quickbread
    A quick way for you to bake up something special with your kids and make your whole house smell divine.
    Make your own cranberry orange quickbread
  • Panda Express Orange Chicken 8 of 25
    Panda Express Orange Chicken
    Perfect for the little set. Give them the at home version of their favorite take-out.
    Make your kid days with Panda express orange chicken
  • Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies 9 of 25
    Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies
    My kids and I love to bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies after school. This recipe mixes things up by adding a bit of orange.
    Make these yummy orange chocolate chip cookies
  • Homemade Orange Soda 10 of 25
    Homemade Orange Soda
    My oldest loves orangina, but it's expensive and comes in a glass bottle. This easy homemade version tastes just like the real thing at a fraction of the cost and can be served in kid friendly cups.
    Satisfy your kids craving with homemade orange soda
  • Orange Pomegranate Salad 11 of 25
    Orange Pomegranate Salad
    Your kids will have no idea they are eating salad or what a powerhouse recipe this is - it's loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants.
    Make this kid friendly orange and pomegranate salad
  • Cherry Orange Oatmeal 12 of 25
    Cherry Orange Oatmeal
    Start the day off right - have your kids make you breakfast, ha! Or make oatmeal together with tasty oranges as an add-on.
    Here's the recipe for cherry orange oatmeal
  • Vegan Cinnamon Rolls With Orange Frosting 13 of 25
    Vegan Cinnamon Rolls With Orange Frosting
    You know those cinnamon rolls with the orange icing that come in the tube that you are no longer allowed to eat because they are filled with all things bad? Here's the cure for your old school craving, so go ahead and share your memories of orange icing cinnamon rolls with the kids.
    Make these vegan cinnamon rolls with orange frosting
  • Fluffy Buttermilk Pancake With Orange Berry Compote 14 of 25
    Fluffy Buttermilk Pancake With Orange Berry Compote
    How can some form of pancakes not be included? Pancakes are a Saturday morning staple around this house and with the orange berry compote, I'm sure they will become a daily request.
    Make your own fluffy buttermilk pancake with orange berry compote
  • How To Segment An Orange 15 of 25
    How To Segment An Orange
    Perhaps you have a kid like mine that peels every bit of white and membrane off the orange before eating it. Here is a quick and easy solution to the tiny picked off bits I find all over the table.
    Learn how to segment an orange
  • Apple And Blood Orange Buckle 16 of 25
    Apple And Blood Orange Buckle
    Take advantage of two in season fruits with this recipe. Just don't expect to have any leftovers.
    Make the oh-so-divine apple and blood orange buckle
  • Blood Orange Wacky Cake 17 of 25
    Blood Orange Wacky Cake
    Wacky Cake has a special place in my heart. It's the first recipe I learned to cook in school and brought home for my entire family to enjoy. Now my daughter and I can make a new and improved version with our favorite in-season fruit, the blood orange.
    Pass down an old recipe with this blood orange wacky cake
  • Orange Scented Nutella Sandwiches 18 of 25
    Orange Scented Nutella Sandwiches
    You had me at orange scented, then nutella, then sandwiches. Say hello to a new family favorite!
    Make orange scented nutella sandwiches
  • Honey Orange Lemonade 19 of 25
    Honey Orange Lemonade
    My kids are obsessed with the hand held citrus juicer. They love making lemonade and orange juice. Once we try this recipe I'm going to have to show them we actually have an electric juicer so they can keep the fridge stocked.
    Get the recipe for honey orange lemonade at Cooking With My Kid
  • Orange French Toast 20 of 25
    Orange French Toast
    If you've missed the blood oranges at your market, here's anther french toast recipe using regular oranges.
    Get the recipe for orange French toast at Cooking With My Kid
  • Sweet Potatoes In Orange Cups 21 of 25
    Sweet Potatoes In Orange Cups
    What a beautiful way to display sweet potatoes and how much fun for kids to stuff the oranges.
    Get the recipe for sweet potatoes in orange cups at Disney Family
  • Orange Glazed Shredded Carrots 22 of 25
    Orange Glazed Shredded Carrots
    Kids love to grate and with a nice long carrot, it's easy for little hands and for parents watchful eye.
    Get the recipe for orange glazed shredded carrots at Disney Family
  • Orange Scented Beef Stir Fry 23 of 25
    Orange Scented Beef Stir Fry
    I've got a steak loving child in the house so I know this recipe will be greatly appreciated without even a bite left over.
    Get the recipe for orange scented beef stir fry at Disney Family
  • Yogurt Orange and Lemon Mini Cupcakes 24 of 25
    Yogurt Orange and Lemon Mini Cupcakes
    Make your cupcakes healthier and moist with yogurt and give them some zing with citrus.
    Get the recipe for yogurt orange and lemon mini cupcakes at Disney Family
  • Orange Biscuit Braids 25 of 25
    Orange Biscuit Braids
    How much fun to make braids with your kids, then top them with flowers!
    Get the recipe for orange biscuit braids at Disney Family

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