Friday Pizza Party! 12 One-Bite, Fun-Bite Ways to Eat a Pizza

It’s Friday! Time to kick back, relax, and order up pizza for your posse. Or, better yet, try tossing together one of these incredibly fun recipes for one-bite pizzas! When you order in for pizza night, it’s easy to consider the meal a splurge and overeat. Now you can have all the fun of eating a pizza, without all that Saturday morning guilt. Just click through our 12 funderful recipes, find one that suits your fancy, and bake up a piping hot pizza (in perfect one-bite proportions) for dinner tonight. Your tastebuds (and hips!) will be glad you did!

  • Let’s Eatza Pizza! 1 of 13
    Let's Eatza Pizza!
    Who needs a full-sized pie? These 12 recipes make it easy to pop pizza flavor right into your mouth! From one-bite pizza puffs to pizza deviled eggs, come discover all the ways you can make pizza a one-bite snack that tastes as good as the full-sized version!
  • Mini Taco Pizzas 2 of 13
    Mini Taco Pizzas
    This personal-sized taco pizza takes seconds to pull together, and everyone in the family will love it !
    Get the recipe for Personal Sized Taco Pizza
  • Petite Pizza Slices 3 of 13
    Petite Pizza Slices
    This simple arugula pomegranate pizza takes gourmet to a new level, and takes just minutes to throw together!
    Get the recipe for Arugula Pomegranate Pizza
  • Baguette Pizza Bites 4 of 13
    Baguette Pizza Bites
    A baguette, some pizza sauce, and ricotta cheese are all the ingredients you need for an easy pizza snack!
    Get the recipe for Baguette pizza Snack
  • Mini Deep Dish Pizzas 5 of 13
    Mini Deep Dish Pizzas
    Family members can add whatever toppings they desire to their own mini deep dish pizzas baked in a muffin tin!
    Get the recipe for Mini Deep Dish Pizzas
  • One-Bite Pepperoni Puffs 6 of 13
    One-Bite Pepperoni Puffs
    These brilliant appetizer puffs are filled with cheese and pepperoni, and can be dipped in marinara sauce!
    Get the recipe for One Bite Pepperoni Pizza Puffs
  • Thin-Crust Pizza Snack Squares 7 of 13
    Thin-Crust Pizza Snack Squares
    Keep your pantry stocked with Matzo bread and use this Matzo bread pizza recipe when you're crunched for time but crave pizza!
    Get the recipe for Thin, Thin, Thin Crust Pizza: Homebaked in 5 Minutes Flat
  • Pizza Potatoes 8 of 13
    Pizza Potatoes
    Who needs crust when you can have a pizza baked potato?
    Get the recipe for Pizza Potatoes
  • Homemade Pizza Pockets 9 of 13
    Homemade Pizza Pockets
    Handheld calzones are a healthy alternative to frozen pizza pockets- stuff them full of veggies!
    Get the recipe for Real Pizza Pockets aka Calzones
  • Personal Pizzas 10 of 13
    Personal Pizzas
    Personal-sized pizzas with 5 ingredients? Yes, these muchroom and spinach personal pizzas will make your Friday night that much better!
    Get the recipe for Friday Night Pizza
  • Pizza Poppers 11 of 13
    Pizza Poppers
    Your kids will be crazy for these bite sized balls of pizza!
    Get the recipe for Pizza Poppers
  • Pizza Deviled Eggs 12 of 13
    Pizza Deviled Eggs
    You'll be the talk of the town with these pepperoni pizza devilled eggs!
    Get the recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Deviled Eggs
  • Pizza Pockets 13 of 13
    Pizza Pockets
    Change up your pizza flavors with pesto and ham pockets- you won't be disappointed!
    Get the recipe for Ham Pesto Provolone Pockets

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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