Fruity Rainbow Wraps. Art Kids Eat!

Fruity Rainbow Wraps
Fruity Rainbow Wraps

Kids can’t wait to dive into these healthy, colorful Fruity Rainbow Wraps! We all know that kids (and parents) should eat a wide variety of rainbow-colored fruits and veggies – well with this recipe, kids really can eat the rainbow!

Edible Art! Turn your kitchen into a healthy eating art studio with this fun recipe. These fruit-filled “rolls” are packed with healthy antioxidants, potassium and fiber. And my recipe is dairy-free and vegan when you use tofu-based cream cheese.

Colors, Fruit and Creativity. I came up with this recipe when I was playing with my four year-old nephew. He loves to sort through his big bin of colorful beads. He’ll string the beads onto pipe cleaners and thoughtfully discuss the different colors, shapes and sizes of the beads.

“I’m only using round brown ones!” He’ll shout as he squints carefully to find only the round brown beads.

Hmm, how could I transfer this creative passion towards healthy fruits and veggies? Fruity Rainbow Wraps it was.

rainbow in NYC sky

Rainbow Wraps: Yummy Art. For this healthy “craft project” the supplies are simple: healthy, colorful fruits and veggies.

For the “glue” we use dairy-free tofu-based cream cheese (you can use any variety you’d like).

For the “paper” we use whole wheat lavash wraps (or a basic tortilla will work too).

For the “color” we add fresh, chopped rainbow-colored fruit. Any colorful variety you’d like.

And what’s better than the classic image of a rainbow to teach kids about healthy foods and colors.

Veggie Wraps too! And it’s your choice: fruit or veg wraps. Fruit may be a bit more pleasing to a finicky child’s palate – but you’ll be surprised what kids will eat (green veggies!) when shaped into a beautiful rainbow (made by them).

Here are some ideas for ingredients – or grab more ideas via my fruit/veggie colors list


chopped rainbow fruit

rainbow produce
Rainbow Colored Produce

Fruit Rainbows.
Red: apple, cherry, berries, red pear, papaya, pomegranate seeds, peach (skin-out), nectarine
Orange: citrus, mango, peach, apricot
Yellow: banana, pineapple, apple,
Green: kiwi, apple, green grapes
Blue: blueberries, blackberry
Purple: purple grapes, plum, fig

Here is the end result…

rainbow wraps
Fruity Rainbow Wraps

Or you can try Veggie Rainbow Wraps too!

Veggie Rainbow Wraps

veggie wraps


Fruit Rainbow Wraps (Veggie Wraps Recipe)
makes 2 mini wraps, about 10 sliced “roll bites”

1 whole wheat wrap (lavash wrap)
3 Tbsp vegan cream cheese
2 cups chopped fruit, rainbow colors
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt (optional)
1 Tbsp maple syrup (optional)

(step-by-step photos below)

1. Slice your wrap into two rectangle pieces.

2. Spread 1 1/2 Tbsp of cream cheese on each wrap.

3. Sprinkle a bit of salt and/or pepper on the cheese (optional). Drizzle a bit of maple syrup over your cheese or fruit/veggies (also optional) Set aside.

4. Chop all your fruit into small flat cubes, about the size of a large raisin. Place all the fruit in a large bowl or arrange by color on a plate.

5. Toss or spritz fruit with lemon juice to preserve colors and prevent oxidation.

6. Set up the workspace and instruct the kids on what to do-build a rainbow out of the fruit. Now it’s the kids turn to have fun assembling their rainbows!

7. Ready to eat? Before rolling the wrap, you can spread the fruit around a bit if needed.

8. Eating time! Slice the wrap into 5 small spirals. Time to munch your rainbow rolls.

9. Garnish with leftover fruit.

Process Photos..

rainbow wraps fruit
Adding the fruit to the wraps
fruity rainbow wraps
fruity rainbow wraps
fruity rainbow wrap
Rolling the Wrap
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