Fun Food Art Projects for Snowy Philadelphia Weather, New York Weather & More

edible play doughWhat do Boston weather, New York weather, Baltimore weather and Philadelphia weather have in common?


And they aren’t the only places. If it looks like you’ll be in stuck in the house for a next few days, you’ll surely be looking for projects to keep the kiddos entertained. Here are some fun crafting ideas using kitchen tools and staples:

Homemade marzipan play dough: This homemade edible play dough comes to you from Family Kitchen writer, Jamie. If you don’t have almond extract, use another flavor. Or keep it plain (though it won’t be quite as tasty). You can make almond flour by throwing almonds in a food processor. Give a whirl and voila!

Edible paint and canvas: Another ingenious idea from Jamie. What kid will argue about painting with and on! chocolate?

Cookie Beads: Yet another Jamie gem. She adapted a German Springerle cookie dough to make this munch-able jewelry that any kid will be proud to wear… then eat.

Pasta art: Pull out different shaped pasta, some paint, glue and string for tons of fun. Glue painted pieces on paper to make pretty art, string the rest of make jewelry.

Bean mosaic: Start by sorting beans of all different colors: red kidney beans, green, brown and orange lentils, white beans, black beans etc. (learning bonus for the little ones!). Have kiddo draw a picture and determine where they want different chunks of color, then fill in by gluing down the beans.

Make natural food coloring: So much fun can be had with food color, but most store bought stuff is pretty toxic. Why not make your own using ingredients from your pantry and fridge.

Use your natural food coloring to make sugar glitter: Mix a few drops of your food coloring with sugar and, suddenly, you have glitter!! Decorate art work, your edible play dough or… why not whip up another batch of sugar cookies to keep the holiday spirit going!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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