Fun Food from Kids Books

  • Fun Food from Kids Books 1 of 13
    Dishes inspired by Harry Potter, Madeline, and more
  • Green Eggs and Ham | Green Eggs and Ham 2 of 13
    Want to teach your picky eater a lesson in adventurous eating? You can do so during breakfast with a little help from Dr. Seuss and one particularly colorful poached egg.
    Make green eggs and ham »
  • Fruit Faces | Food Play 3 of 13
    Flip through the photos of brilliantly carved food in this book and you might be surprised at how many fruits and veggies have a little face in them, if you’re looking. You and the little ones can have a ton of fun with your own creations at home!
    Make fruit faces »
  • Fruit Salad | The Very Hungry Caterpillar 4 of 13
    Turn your kids' favorite book into a cookbook with this fruit salad, which you can make alongside the hungry caterpillar's daily munching.
    Make fruit salad »
  • Hot Dogs | The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog 5 of 13
    What does a hot dog taste like anyway? Does it taste like chicken? Make enough of these for the fam and your kids won't have to resort to clever tricks like the duckling.
    Make hot dogs »
  • Iced Lemony Madeleines | Madeline 6 of 13
    Snack on these pretty little cakes while reading about the brave young redhead of the same name (give or take an “e”). While you’re at it, why not pretend you’re eating them in an old house in Paris covered with vines?
    Make madeleines »
  • Licorice Wands and Cockroach Clusters | Harry Potter 7 of 13
    We’d bet these magical treats taste just as good as the ones at Honeyduke’s Sweet Shop. They’re easy to make too — even for us Muggles!
    Make licorice wands and cockroach clusters »
  • Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes | Fancy Nancy 8 of 13
    While her parents and sister get plain ice cream cones, Fancy Nancy gets the one with all the fixings — just like these cupcakes, dressed up to look like the snazziest, Nancy-approved frozen treats on the block.
    Make ice cream cone cupcakes »
  • Cat in the Hat Pops | Cat in the Hat 9 of 13
    These playful marshmallow pops are just the thing to make on a rainy day when the kiddos are stuck inside.
    Make Cat in the Hat pops »
  • Pinkalicious Cake in a Jar | Pinkalicious 10 of 13
    Pinkalicious ate so many pink cupcakes that she turned pink! As long as your little princess sticks to just one of these strawberry cakes, we think she’ll be just fine.
    Make Pinkalicious cake in a jar »
  • Woody’s Classic Cowboy Cookies | Toy Story 11 of 13
    Loaded with pecans, oats, and coconut, these chocolate chip cookies have some extra special personality, not unlike Andy’s favorite toy. Yee-haw!
    Make Woody’s classic cowboy cookies »
  • Apple a Day Cake Pops | Snow White 12 of 13
    These adorable — and, more importantly, not-poisonous — apple cake pops are just right for your little one, the fairest of all in the kingdom, er, playground.
    Make apple a day cake pops »
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes | The Cat in the Hat 13 of 13
    Your kids just might have more fun making and eating these Seussical cupcakes than playing with Thing 1 and Thing 2 themselves! (And we bet this is a lot less messier.)
    Make Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes »

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