Fun Food with Faces

  • Fun Food with Faces 1 of 13
    12 treats that make the most of playing with food
  • Egg Chicks 2 of 13
    Egg Chicks
    Wake up the kids with a fun, playful, and protein-packed breakfast of...insanely cute
    hardboiled eggs.
    Make egg chicks »
  • Jack-o-Lantern Pop-Tarts 3 of 13
    Jack-o-Lantern Pop-Tarts
    Half the fun of these pumpkin Pop-Tarts is carving the designs, which can change with the season — sun face for summer anyone?
    Make pumpkin pop-tarts »
  • Angry Birds Onigiri 4 of 13
    Angry Birds Onigiri
    Furiously adorable or adorably furious? Either way, this is one Angry Bird we’re more than willing to slingshot ... into our mouths.
    Make Angry Birds onigiri »
  • Frankenstein Baked Peppers 5 of 13
    Frankenstein Baked Peppers
    Stuff quinoa into this spooky-looking green pepper and your kids are sure to get their healthy fix for the day.
    Make Frankenstein baked peppers »
  • Crispy Bunny Treats 6 of 13
    Crispy Bunny Treats
    Bunny Peeps get their own Rice Krispie frames in these gluten-, egg-, and dairy-free treats. (They may not have mouths, but it looks like they’re smiling anyway!)
    Make crispy bunny treats »
  • Fun Fruit Faces 7 of 13
    Fun Fruit Faces
    We’re not going to lie — these faces kind of freak us out. Your kid’s probable reaction: “Cooooooool!”
    Make fun fruit faces »
  • Estrellitas 8 of 13
    Jazz up plain ol’ PB sandwiches by making estrellitas (Spanish for little star) instead, using dried fruit to decorate the funny faces.
    Make estrellitas »
  • Skinny Gingerbread Men 9 of 13
    Skinny Gingerbread Men
    Sure, gingerbread men are traditionally holiday fare, but there’s nothing stopping you from eating these guilt-free cookies year-round.
    Make skinny gingerbread men »
  • Pirate Face Cake 10 of 13
    Pirate Face Cake
    Here’s the perfect cake for your little swashbuckler. Plus, then you can ask him, “Argh-en’t you going to have another slice?”
    Make pirate face cake »
  • Pirate Cookies 11 of 13
    Pirate Cookies
    ... Or you can decorate all sorts of swarthy pirate faces with these fun cookies. Ahoy, matey!
    Make pirate cookies »
  • Snowman Shots 12 of 13
    Snowman Shots
    Throw a little hat on top or add some stunner shades to turn these snowmen into sunmen!
    Make snowman shots »
  • Pac-Man Cookies 13 of 13
    Pac-Man Cookies
    No eyes or nose necessary to create the star character of the iconic ’80s arcade game. All you need is that chomping mouth, ready to gobble up evil space invader gummies.
    Make Pac-Man cookies »

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