Fun & Stylish Kitchen Shoes for Kids

Fun and Stylish Kitchen Shoes for Kids

My daughter likes to go barefoot at home, except in the winter when it is drafty on the floor. When she hangs out in the kitchen with me, no matter the season, I insist that she wears solid shoes on her feet.

When I am cooking our kitchen gets warm and there is inevitably something slippery on the floor. It might be extra flour, olive oil spatters, or something like that. The possibility of her slipping is very real and the last thing I want is for her to slide across the wooden floor and slam into a cabinet.

When I pick up shoes for her I keep these slippery floors in mind and here is what I look for:

– Rubber Soles: Probably the single most important thing is the buy her shoes with rubber soles. There is nothing safer for kids to wear in the kitchen, and even to school for that matter.

– Secure Velcro or laces: Slip on ballet flats are cute but a child’s foot can easily slip out of them. When I need my daughter in something solid I look for shoes that have at least one strong Velcro strap or lace all the way up. This keeps the shoes on their feet and prevents all kinds of accidents!

– Splatter-friendly: My daughter has a pair of white sneakers and I generally discourage them from being worn in the kitchen. She cherishes them so much I know there would be an instant veil of tears if a drop of tomato sauce fell on them and stained them for life. Superficial, I know, but it is always good to have one or two pairs of splatter-friendly shoes on hand. You never know when they might get so dirty that a spin through the wash won’t be able to clean them again

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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