Get Acai Flavor: Three Ways! Plus Recipes.

Acai is easy to crave once you have given this unique flavor a try. And when warm weather hits, you will probably be craving a few foods: smoothies, ice cream, sorbet and popsicles. Well one of the yummiest and antioxidant-infused flavors out there is the tropical berry acai. With its rich purple color, creamy berry-chocolate flavor and slight luscious sweetness, it is the ideal berry flavor to add to homemade chilled drink and frozen dessert recipes. But how do you get intense acai flavor? Three ways!…

Acai Flavor: Three Ways

1. Frozen Smoothie Packs.
Acai freezer packs are rectangle shaped packs of concentrated acai puree freezed into a frosty ice-cube/popsicle texture. To use these packs you simply add them to your blender for smoothies just as you would frozen fruit. There are three brands you may stumble across: Sambazon, Acai Roots and Amafruits. You can usually find these packs in the frozen fruit section of natural food stores like Whole Foods.

2. Acai Juice.
You can buy dark purple acai juice. The same brands above are good places to start. Sambazon is probably the more widely found acai juice brand. Be sue to read the labels because some juices are “fruit blends” and have added sugar.

3. Freeze Dried Acai Powder.
This is the most practical way to easily add acai flavor to smoothies, shakes, sorbet and ice cream – just because you do not have to modify your recipe too much – just add in a few spoonfuls of powder. There are various brands that sell acai powder, but from my experience the organic brands tend to have a higher quality acai. You want your powder to turn your recipe purple and not brown. Deep purple acai is the ideal color. You can easily buy acai powder online, which is not really true for juice or freezer packs (it is cheaper and easier to ship a powder than it is to ship liquid of frozen goods. Acai Powder on Amazon


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