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Blue Wine Is Totally a Thing

When it comes to wine, we love it all. Red, white, rosé, sweet, dry, sprinkling… But, a blue wine?

Spanish entrepreneurs collaborated with the University of the Basque Country and the Basque Government (specifically, the food research department called Azti Tecnalia) to create a blue wine, called Gik. Its neon hue looks anything but natural, though it actually comes from pigments found in grape skin and a flowering plant. Gik fits into the “white” wine category, but is made from a blend of red and white grapes sourced in different regions of Spain. It’s best chilled and has been sweetened.

Why this bold move to go blue? They’ve found inspiration from the book Blue Ocean Strategy, which speaks to the need for change and innovation. They’re hoping that millennials will identify with this notion.

Gik is about to hit the European markets at about $11 a bottle. We’re rather curious to give it a sip, so hopefully the company’s expansion to the U.S. comes soon!

image source: gik
image source: gik
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