Gluten-Free Diet Tip: Fluffy Quinoa How-to

fluffy quinoa
fluffy quinoa

A gluten-free diet may seem like a challenge when it comes to grains. Well that’s where fluffy quinoa comes in – pronounced keen-wa – it is technically not a grain, but rather a seed. But it’s grain-like texture and versatility make it a fave for gluten-free diets. My best tip for this seed is how to make it fluffy! Quinoa can become quite fluffy and light almost like couscous or rice. But it takes some skill. So if you are on a gluten-free diet (or not) check out this tip…

fluffy quinoa
fluffy quinoa
dry quinoa
dry quinoa

Quinoa is rich in protein (for a grain/seed), gluten free, rich in fiber, magnesium, iron and more. See complete nutrition facts in this quinoa super food post.

Spiced Fluffy Quinoa Recipe

Curried Quinoa Wrap

Note: it may contain trace amounts of gluten if processed in a factory using gluten-containing products – like wheat. Be sure to read the labels for gluten-free status.

How-to Make Fluffy Quinoa Every Time: Tips

Tip 1: Rinse it.
Rinse your dry quinoa in water before cooking. This removes some of the ‘mush-promoting’ grit on the grain.

Tip 2: Less is More. (Water)
Most boxes of quinoa say to add 2 cups of water for every one cup of dry quinoa. I say that is too much! And remember if you are rinsing your quinoa you will be adding a bit more water anyways. For fluffy quinoa, less water is more. I do 1 part dry quinoa : 1 1/2 parts water ratio – then I rinse the quinoa and drain as much water as I can. For the Spiced Quinoa recipe below I added in some dry spices so the water amount increases a tad.

Tip 3: No Peeking!
Once you close that pot lid over your cooking quinoa – no peeking! And no stirring! You don’t want to disturb the quinoa fluff factory bubbling inside.

Tip 4: Let it Sit.
After cooking and before you lift the lid, turn OFF the stove and in the words of Kelly Clarkson, “Just Walk Away.” Let the quinoa sit for a good 5-10 minutes. Again – no peeking!

Tip 5: Stick a Fork in it.
Fluff your cooked quinoa with a fork. No mush-enhancing spoons allowed.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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