Go Beyond the Bowl! 15 Creative Ways to Cook with Miso

When most people hear the word “miso,” they automatically think of soup. And while pure miso soup is a delightfully simple and comforting dish, there are so many other ways to use this ingredient to add flair to your dishes.

It’s time to get creative with miso! These 15 miso recipes will have your mouth watering and your hands itching to get cooking!

  • Getting Creative with Miso! 1 of 16
    15 miso recipes

    15 recipes that use miso in all kinds of delicious ways!

  • Ginger Maple Miso Ice Cream 2 of 16
    ginger maple miso ice cream

    It doesn't get much more creative than using miso in ice cream! 

    Make Ginger Maple Miso Ice Cream from Spabettie

  • Vegan Walnut Pesto Sauce 3 of 16
    vegan walnut miso pesto sauce

    This pesto sauce is a delicious spread on all kinds of foods, from wraps to pitas to pasta. And it's healthy, to boot!

    Make Vegan Walnut Pesto Sauce

  • Bacon, Miso and Carrot Pasta 4 of 16
    bacon, miso and carrot pasta

    The carrots in this pasta dish provide a sweet and crunchy flavor balance to the bacon and miso.

    Make Bacon, Miso and Carrot Pasta from Vintage Kitchen Notes

  • Miso Maple Lemon Kale Chips 5 of 16
    miso maple lemon kale chips

    Kale chips are all the rage these days. This recipe takes a new favorite and adds all kinds of wonderful flavor from miso to lemon to maple. 

    Make Miso Maple Lemon Kale Chips

  • Miso-Glazed Eggplant 6 of 16
    miso-glazed eggplant

    Miso glazes are a great way to incorporate miso into your cooking. This eggplant is the perfect receptacle for a miso glaze.

    Make Miso-Glazed Eggplant from Busy in Brooklyn

  • Peanut Butter Tofu Rice Bowl 7 of 16
    peanut butter tofu rice bowl

    This cozy dish features a special peanut space infused with miso. Plus, it's simple to prepare my favorite kind of recipe!

    Make Peanut Butter Tofu Rice Bowl

  • Ginger-Miso Edamame Spread 8 of 16
    ginger miso edamame spread

    This bright and beautiful spread has a decidedly Asian flare, but is just as good spread on a piece of white bread as it is paired with a bowl of noodles. This is an easy recipe packed with flavor.

    Make Ginger-Miso Edamame Spread from Crumb

  • Nobu’s Miso Cod 9 of 16
    nobu's miso cod

    A collection of miso recipes almost necessitates a nod to Nobu's sweet miso cod, which you can now make in your own kitchen!

    Make Nobu's Miso Cod

  • Creamy Miso Noodle-Gai Lan Soup with Poached Eggs 10 of 16
    creamy miso noodle soup with poached eggs

    Yes, yes, this is a soup recipe and it's in a bowl, but it takes miso soup to a whole new level! Filled with greens and noodles and topped with a poached egg, this recipe is creative and hard to forget!

    Make Creamy Miso Noodle-Gai Lan Soup from Cooking on the Weekends

  • Miso-Dipped Tofu or Tempeh Logs 11 of 16
    miso-dipped tempeh logs

    The technique for this recipe involves simply dipping tofu or tempeh logs into a delicious miso sauce, and then allowing the flavors to infuse the tofu or tempeh while it cooks. Simple and tasty!

    Make Miso-Dipped Tofu or Tempeh Logs

  • Garlic Miso Chicken Wings 12 of 16
    garlic miso chicken wings

    It's football season, which also means it's  wing season! Use this garlic miso chicken wing recipe to change things up this weekend!

    Make Garlic Miso Chicken Wings from Just One Cookbook

  • Easy Udon Noodle Miso Soup 13 of 16
    easy udon noodle miso soup

    We had to sneak in another soup recipe, but we couldn't resist. The addition of udon noodles makes this simple miso soup irresistible, and I love how easy the recipe is.

    Make Easy Udon Noodle Miso Soup

  • Arugula-apple salad with carrot ribbons and walnut-miso dressing 14 of 16
    arugula apple sald with miso dressing

    I love this salad for fall, featuring crisp, sweet apples with peppery arugula and a nice walnut-miso dressing.

    Make arugula-apple salad with carrot ribbons and walnut-miso dressing from Recipe Renovator

  • White Miso Tofu with Smoky Almond Broccoli 15 of 16
    white miso tofu over broccoli

    This easy vegetarian saute has all kinds of different flavors salty, sweet, and smoky. And the white miso tofu can be used for other dishes as well.

    Make White Miso Tofu with Smoky Almond Broccoli

  • Miso Salmon 16 of 16
    miso salmon

    Miso is great with fish and salmon is no exception!

    Make Miso Salmon from Sarah's Cucina Bella

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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