Go Green! 10 Tasty Ways To Eat Kale

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Even if you’ve never tried kale, I’m sure you’ve seen it. You know those greens that garnish your plate and are used as decoration on restaurant salad bars? Well those  greens are kale and they are a SUPERFOOD.  It’s not just for garnishing.  Kale is edible and happens to be one of the most nutrition-packed vegetables that you can eat! How’s that for super. We’ve compiled 10 tasty ways for you to work kale into your menu planning. Everything from pasta with kale, to salads with kale, to even a good for you green juice! You can find them all after the jump.

  • Kale Parmesan Frittata 1 of 10
    Kale Parmesan Frittata
    Breakfast, lunch, or dinner frittatas are a fantastic easy dish to pull together. This version serves 1 and is packed with kale, parmesan and tomatoes.
    make kale parmesan frittata
  • Kale Salad w/Parmesan & Dried Cranberries 2 of 10
    Kale Salad w/Parmesan & Dried Cranberries
    This refreshing and EASY all season raw kale salad has: lemon, pepper, parmesan, & dried cranberries. It's a great addition to any meal!
    make kale salad
  • Spaghetti Kale Carbonara 3 of 10
    Spaghetti Kale Carbonara
    Kale. Bacon, Parmesan and Pasta. Has to be good right. Plus you get to twirl your pasta and we all love that.
    make spaghetti kale carbonara
  • Kale w/Pasta Chicken & Bacon 4 of 10
    Kale w/Pasta Chicken & Bacon
    This is a meal in itself. A pasta bowl complete with chicken, bacon and kale. Get your spoon ready to dole out seconds on this dish.
    make kale w/pasta, chicken & bacon
  • Kale Chips 5 of 10
    Kale Chips
    If you've never eaten kale chips you're in for a treat. If you have, you know they are life changing. Yes. It's true. A must try.
    make kale chips
  • Kale Walnut Pesto 6 of 10
    Kale Walnut Pesto
    We've all heard of basil pesto but have you tried kale walnut pesto? You'll want to. Besides being delicious pesto is incredibly versatile and is something you should consider keeping in your pantry.
    make kale walnut pesto
  • Cheesy Pecan Kale 7 of 10
    Cheesy Pecan Kale
    This salad can be made in no time at all & has a very mild, savory-zesty flavor. Pecans give it great texture & crunch.
    make cheesy pecan kale
  • Raw Kale Salad 8 of 10
    Raw Kale Salad
    Nothing like a bowl of dark and mysterious greens to start your meal off on the right foot! This raw kale salad is dressed w/lemon, parmesan and cannellini beans. Grab your fork and dig in.
    get the recipe from What's Gaby Cooking
  • Green Juice 9 of 10
    Green Juice
    Want a little more spring in your step? Start your day with this fresh pressed green juice that has all kinds of good stuff going into it. Don't worry it won't turn you in the hulk.
    get the recipe from What's Gaby Cooking
  • Kale Chanterelle Pasta 10 of 10
    Kale Chanterelle Pasta
    Just because something is healthy doesn't mean it has to taste bad. Case in point this delicious kale chanterelle mushroom pasta. To. Die. For.
    get the recipe from La Fuji Mama


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