Go Nuts! 5 Healthy Ways To Eat Almonds

So yesterday was National Almond Day and I learned that almonds are a fruit. I had no idea!

I have always know that almonds were a nutritional power house and try to have them with me in the car for snacking (where I tend to be when snack attacks seem to occur). Other than being a great source for healthy plant-based protein, almonds are also rich in vitamin E, dietary fiber and monounsaturated fat which is known as one of the “good” fats that is also found in olives and avocados. Basically, it’s plain and simple, almonds are good for you. Enjoy them.

Other than snacking on raw or roasted almonds (raw almonds are more popular among the very health-conscious), there are so many ways almonds can be incorporated into your diet. We all know almonds are a great ingredient when it comes to sweets (just check out these Cranberry-Almond Muffins, yum!)…but they are an even better ingredient for those of you who are looking for ways to add in additional nutrition and health benefits to your daily recipes such as salads and smoothies.

Here are 7 delicious ways that you can include more almonds into your daily diet. And while you’re here, share with me your favorite healthy way to eat almonds!

  • Almonds in a salad 1 of 5
    Almonds are such a great nutritious and crunchy add-in to any kind of salad. They add texture and flavor, as well as a punch of protein.
    Make spinach, almond and orzo salad
  • Almonds as a crunchy topping or filler 2 of 5
    Slivered or sliced almonds are a tasty way to add nutritious bulk and crunch to any vegetable dish. Almonds tend to pair very well with healthy green vegetables as shown in this green bean recipe in addition to broccoli and spinach.
    Make roasted green beans with shallots and almonds
  • Almonds in a shake 3 of 5
    Almonds in the form of almond butter and almond milk are wonderful for making shakes and smoothies like this one. Try this almond shake on your entire family for a delicious breakfast or healthy snack snack.
    Make an easy almond shake
  • Almonds as a crusty coating 4 of 5
    Crumbled or crushed almonds make a wonderful crunchy coating to chicken or fish. Not only does it add a unique flavor but is a perfect way to avoid breading for those following a low carb diet.
    Make almond crusted tilapia
  • Almonds in a sauce 5 of 5
    Creamy and nutritious almond butter works very well in Asian-inspired dishes like this one. Almond butter is especially helpful as a substitution for peanut butter in sauces for anyone who has peanut allergies.
    Make Cooking Light's noodles with roast pork and almond sauce


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