Goodbye Tofurky! 5 Veggie “Meat” Alternatives

I will confess that I actually love a fun and quirky Tofurky on my meat-free holiday table. But I’ve found that some people shun this retro, classic, makes-people-giggle, meat-free product. For close to thirty years, Turtle Island Foods has proudly been serving up meat alternative products – including the famous “Tofurky” product. And while, it is still a highly coveted holiday centerpiece for vegetarians and vegans, there are a few different veggie meat brands and options you may want to give a spot on your table..

Goodbye Tofurky! 5 Alternatives for Veggie “Meat”

1. Field Roast Grain Meat Company. Field Roast makes a few delicious meat-free products including an Apple Sage Sausage and holiday-approved Celebration Roast. Field Roast uses wheat meat, aka seitan, as their main ingredient. Field Roast is 100% soy free. They even sell a 2lb boxed version of their Celebration Roast as an elegant holiday option.

2. Gardein. Gardein is a very popular veggie meat company. Gardein sells a meat-free version of just about any product you could crave. Vegan “steak tips.” vegan “buffalo wing,” and vegan “chick’n tenders.” They also have a Holiday Roast that serves eight people and is made from soy and wheat. Note: Gardein Mandarin Chick’n is shown in photo at top.

3. Seitan Loaf at Home. Ditch the store-bought products and go all “Martha Stewart” on your “veggie meat” entree. A seitan loaf made from vital wheat gluten is actually easier than you think to make! Try this recipe: Make Seitan From Scratch.

4. Beyond Meat. If you want to grab some of the newest, trendiest vegan meat on the market, seek out Beyond Meat. This new company is backed by a few of Twitter’s founders including Biz Stone (who is vegan.) While the company only appears to have chicken strips available as of yet, and in select markets, this highly in-demand “veggie meat” would be super cool to see at your holiday table. Tweet it to all your veggie friends.

5. Tofurky. Embrace it! OK, you could ditch the Tofurky, but then again, why not embrace this famous, veggie version meat for the holidays. The Tofurky Holiday Box comes with gravy, stuffing, “wish bones” and now even features Amy’s Kitchen vegan chocolate cake. Plus Tofurky is made with non-genetically modified soybeans.

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