Got Fresh Garden Herbs? Make One Of These 7 Dips!

My garden is still in overproduction of herbs and we’ve been making all kinds of herbalicious salads. They are so satisfying in this blazing heat. In fact we haven’t really been eating much of anything that is cooked or even warm. One of our family summertime dinner favorites it to set up a meat and cheese tray with some type of yummy dip for veggie sticks or bread. With all these herbs we’ve been busy making and eating all kinds of cold dips and if you’ve got a garden with herbs these are perfect for you too!

  • Carrabba’s Copycat: Italian Bread Dip 1 of 7
    Carrabba's Copycat: Italian Bread Dip
    Infuse some olive oil with fresh herbs from your garden like basil, rosemary, oregano and parsley for a lovely bread dip.
    Make your own Carrabba's copycat : Italian bread dip
  • Easy Bruschetta Recipe 2 of 7
    Easy Bruschetta Recipe
    Everyone I know that has a garden seems to be overflowing with tomatoes right now, making this the perfect dip to use those and some of your basil up.
    Make your own easy bruschetta recipe
  • Lemon Garlic Herb Cashew Ricotta 3 of 7
    Lemon Garlic Herb Cashew Ricotta
    A vegan ricotta that's light and fluffy and when you add your fresh garden herbs (any italian herbs you've got growing) it transforms to decadent.
    Make your own lemon garlic herb cashew ricotta
  • Beetroot Walnut And Herb Dip 4 of 7
    Beetroot Walnut And Herb Dip
    This is an interesting dip that we have become addicted to. All you need from your garden is some coriander and parsley and if you've got beetroot and garlic growing, then you are all set!
    Get the recipe for beetroot walnut and herb dip at CookVeg
  • Green Herb Dip 5 of 7
    Green Herb Dip
    I love a recipe that will use up all the chives sprouting...and parsley and dill.
    Get the recipe for green herb dip at Phoebe Bites
  • Highly Addictive Green Herb Dip 6 of 7
    Highly Addictive Green Herb Dip
    Check out all the yummy that goes into this dip: cilantro, parsley, tomatoes, jalapeño, orange, lemon, lime, avocado, and red bell pepper. This is perfect for the large garden.
    Get the recipe for highly addictive green herb dip at 5th Joy
  • Feta Herb Dip 7 of 7
    Feta Herb Dip
    Feta adds a nice and unique tang to this dip, along with some lemon, parsley, dill, mint and chives.
    Get the recipe for feta herb dip at 5th Joy

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