Got Milk? It Does A Body Good

MILKMUSTACHE-225x3001One week ago, I was able to make a silly dream come true: To have the official Got Milk? mustache on my face. No, it is not for national publication but I did get the official milk mustache and a photo taken.

It is all part of their Got Milk campaign that is being ramped up with the Back to School season in full swing.  A new arm of the campaign includes…

celebrities (including Apolo Anton Ohno) touting chocolate milk. The main focus of the new campaign, called ‘Refuel America’ is to highlight the importance of the two-hour recovery window after playing sports. The program aims to educate Americans that no matter what sport they play, low-fat chocolate milk is an easy, effective and cost-efficient way to refuel the body after a tough workout.

Although I believe that a low fat white milk (preferably organic) is the best way to go, we all know that kids love having chocolate milk. I know that most kids would love to open their lunch boxes to find some as a special surprise once in while or to ingest some after a game. And if you are going to have chocolate milk, make it the real thing.

The most imporant thing is to make sure that we  are all getting enough calcium every day so drink up or in my case, grab some cheese as well!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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