Green is In! Green Juice Guide & Myths.

fresh green juice
Fresh Green Juice

Green is in! My Green Juice Guide will take the mystery out of trendy Green Juice.

I know what you are thinking as you stare blankly at a tall clear glass swirling around with foggy, mysterious, thick green juice..

It’s that opaque green color that scares you at first. You have childhood flashbacks of being force-fed brussel sprouts, spinach, green beans. The green juice looks almost like something you’d find at the bottom of a swampy lake, right? I see your eyes roll and your mouth curl up into a face that glows, “yuck.” And with one swift shake of your head, you say “nope, not trying that.”

And there is the irony. I have found that most people who are afraid of Green Juice – or say they “don’t like it” – have either never even tried it, or have tried something that is unlike true Green Juice. Lets discuss Green Juice Myths and get down to a my Green Juice Guide basics..

green juice glass
Juice - mint, pear, cucumber, pineapple

Green Juice Myth #1: I’ve tried it and hate it! Those “Green-ish Sea Monster-y” pasteurized beverages you see in the grocery store for $3-5 a pop are not Green Juice. Green Juice is fresh. A bottle that has been sitting on a store shelf for a month is not doing Green Juice justice. Green Juice is all about the fresh, just-pressed flavors swirling about bringing life to your palate, mind and body. There is a Green Juice recipe out there for everyone. If you like kiwi, apples, pear, ginger or even pineapple – you can easily love green-infused juice.

Green Juice Myth #2: It’s all veggies. Wrong! Yes, Green Juice can be 100% veggies, or it can be 100% fruit. But usually, it is a pleasant mix of both fruit and veggies.

Green Juice Myth #3: I will have to spend hundreds on a Juicer machine.
Nope. Yes, the more you spend on a juicer, the higher quality of juice nutrients will be retained since many of the “cheap” $30-$40 juicers process the fruit at very high RPMs. (Increases the heat and handling of the produce.) But guess what, those same $40 juicers are pretty darn good at getting the job done. I always advise people to start with a less expensive juicer – see if you actually use it and love it – then upgrade once you fall in love with juicing.

Green Juice Myth #4: I hate veggies, so I will hate Green Juice. Not so fast.  Green juice, when properly prepared delivers delightful intermingling flavors: salty and sweet. Spicy and sour. Pungent and mild. Tart and warm. Each ingredient produces a unique flavor property – and with a little creative license, you can easily craft your perfect variation of “Green Juice”. Here are my favorite recipes – and a few steps to creating your own…

Green Juice Myth #5: Too Expensive! Sure, if you are not juicing at home, and dropping $7-$10 per bottled juice at a fancy juice bar – the price adds up quickly. But juicing at home is a huge nutritional bang for your buck. Buy produce that’s on sale or in season to save some money. And since you’ll be filling your body with so much good stuff, you just may lay off buying expensive processed junk food items.

Green Juice Myth #6: Green Juice is a Cure-All! Not really. While it’s true that adding Green Juice to your diet will automatically boost your produce intake, boost your antioxidant and phytochemicals level and leave you feeling hydrated and refreshed – Green Juice is not going to cure every ailment you have. Over time, you may find that by adding healthy juices you don’t have as many cravings for processed, refined nutrient-void foods. Thus you may lose weight. But adding a few glasses of Green Juice a week is simply not going to turn you into Meghan Fox.

Green Juice Myth #7: I Have to Juice Everyday! No way! Though you can juice everyday, most people don’t. I get in a few juices a week and feel great about it. Heck, even a few times a month will give you a boost of wellness.

OK, lets juice. But first, if you need some hard core juicing basics, read:
* See my Juicing Series for my series for Juicing for Health (and fun)!
* My At-Home Juicing 101 is your complete guide from start to finish!

Green Juice Recipes/Info:

How Much Green Juice Do I Get? Leafy greens are a funny bunch, because unlike an orange or even an apple, it is tricky to predict how much juice will come from them. Here is one example to give you a feel for green juice amounts: 8 leaves of Rainbow Chard = 10 ounces green juice + foam. Pulp = only about 1/3 cup

Green Juice Flavors. There are a few different flavors of juices: sweet, spicy, grassy, zesty, mild, juicy (hydrating), tart, bitter and sour. I like to keep about this ratio of juice in my green juices:

3 parts grassy greens juice
4 parts sweet juice
2 parts zesty/sour/tart juice
1 part spicy juice

3 parts romaine/spinach/cucumber juice
4 parts apple or pear juice
2 parts kiwi or lemon juice
1 part ginger

NOTE: Green Juice ingredients do not have to be all green! (carrots, pears and pineapple all blend beautifully with green ingredients)


Sweet Garden Greens
3-4 ounces green chard juice
*About 3 medium leaves
1 extra large bosc pear
1 orange, peeled
1 Tbsp fresh ginger, peeled
1 lime, peeled

1. Wash your ingredients well.
2. Peel the rind off your lime and orange – discard. Slice your fruit.
3. Juice your chad greens, orange, lime, pear and ginger.
4. Serve immediately.

Spicy Apple Green Juice
handful of spinach
a few pinches of parsley
2 celery stalks or cucumber
1 large organic green apple
1 Tbsp ginger
1 lemon
dash of cayenne

More info/recipes
I love this Vibrant Ginger Green Tonic Green Juice recipe.
Or this Apple Spinach Lemon Greenmarket Green Juice recipe.
More Green Juice 101 info and pics.

Green Juice
Fresh Green Juice
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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