Green Pea Recipes for Spring

  • Green Pea Recipes for Spring 1 of 11
    Pea soup, peas with pasta, and more!
  • Mac ‘n Greens 2 of 11
    Sneak green peas and other veggies into kids’ beloved mac and cheese for a healthier take
    on a classic.
    Make mac ‘n greens »
  • Green Peas and Cheese Pasta 3 of 11
    … Or you can try this vegan version of mac and cheese, which loads up on peas and is certainly worth a try on your picky eater.
    Make green peas and cheese pasta »
  • Homemade Hummus with Peas 4 of 11
    Throw some frozen peas in your usual hummus mix and your kids will unknowingly enjoy an extra healthy snack.
    Make hummus with peas »
  • Spring Pea and Spinach Soup 5 of 11
    If your kid enjoys green eggs and ham, he’ll certainly enjoy green soup!
    Make spring pea and spinach soup »
  • Curried Quinoa Wrap with Spring Peas 6 of 11
    Your kids have never had a wrap like this before! This whole-wheat tortilla is filled with curry-flavored quinoa and protein-packed peas.
    Make a curried quinoa wrap with spring peas »
  • Spring Pea and Parmesan Risotto 7 of 11
    Peas and Parmesan come together for a creamy, dreamy dish that’s best enjoyed in
    warmer weather.
    Make spring pea and Parmesan risotto »
  • Skillet Chicken Pot Pie 8 of 11
    Peas join carrots and celery in this addictive chicken pot pie, topped off with an
    irresistibly flaky crust.
    Make skillet chicken pot pie »
  • Small Shells with Peas 9 of 11
    This one-pot dish blends peas, bacon, potatoes, and shell pasta — all into bite-sized pieces that are ideal for little mouths.
    Make small shells with peas »
  • Peas with Pancetta 10 of 11
    Pancetta is the “Ferrari of bacon” — so what’s not to love? Plus, you can whip up this tasty 4-ingredient side dish in just 10 minutes to add some green to your family dinner.
    Make peas with pancetta »
  • Kung Pao Chicken 11 of 11
    Mix green peas into fluffy rice to eat with this Kung Pao chicken. And don’t worry, the chicken was made with little ones in mind, so it’s milder than the original.
    Make Kung Pao chicken »
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