Grilled Cheese Kabobs

Now that most of our meals are centering around the grill, and we’re eating more outdoors, I find that dinner is becoming sort of a rambling affair—with no clear beginning or end. The kids keep dashing for the jungle gym, the neighbors are popping over to say hi and ask “what’s cooking,” the groundhog decides to wander across the lawn…it’s summer dining and you just gotta roll with it.
So to keep everyone sated (and take the pressure off of me) I’ve been putting out a nibbly appetizer-type dish to be eaten while everyone waits for the chicken to grill, the salad to get tossed, the thunderclouds to pass. My new favorite thing to do is make these very easy grilled cheese kabobs. I use haloumi, which is a very firm Greek cheese, usually made with sheep and goat’s milk, that has a mild, mozzarella-like flavor. It easily cuts into cubes for threading onto a skewer and doesn’t get gooey when heated and melt all over your grill.

You can make a kabob of just cheese, if you’d like, or mix it up!
I make mine with a combination of cherry tomatoes (from my garden!), sweet onions, and maybe mushrooms.
Just brush the skewers with olive oil before placing on the grill and keep rotating them over the hot coals so they don’t burn on any one side.
When they’re done you can serve them as it is (just slide the cheese cubes off of the skewers and scatter onto a platter), or if you’re feeling very ambitious, drizzle it with a vinaigrette dressing of red wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, and chopped fresh oregano.
The kids will just be happy to have grilled cheese they can pop into their mouth before heading back to play with the groundhog.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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