16 Grilled Cheese Recipes for Grown-Ups!

Grilled cheese is one of my favorite kid-friendly, super fast dinners, but grilled cheese can also be a fantastic base for all kinds of grown-up flavors. I love playing with sweet and savory combinations or layering herbs and other flavors.

For your next date night, get creative with your grilled cheese and fire up one of these sophisticated, creative grilled cheese recipes!

1. Pesto Grilled Cheese

Add nutty, herb-infused flavor to your sandwich with this simple recipe for pesto grilled cheese. (via Babble)

2. Grilled Cheese with Peach Bruschetta

Add loads of flavor to your grilled cheese with a herbaceous, fruity peach bruschetta. (via Brooklyn Supper)

3. Croque Monsieur

Our take on the classic French sandwich features great ham and melty Gruyere cheese, with the added compliment of buttery spinach. Dip it all in a quick egg bath and fry it up and you’ll feel just like you’re in lovely Paris. (via Brooklyn Supper)

4. Prosciutto Grilled Cheese with Manchego and Fig Jam

Play up an incredible salty sweet flavor combination with this rich and tasty prosciutto grilled cheese. (via Babble)

5. Grilled Cheese with Smoked Mozzarella and Roasted Tomatoes

Go for modern grilled cheese flavor with smoked mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, and arugula. (via Babble)

6. Sharp Cheddar and Pear Grilled Cheese

Bright pears bring a distinct liveliness to grilled cheese that contrasts wonderfully with sharp cheddar. (via Babble)

 7. Panini with Prosciutto, Roasted Pepper, and Basil Pesto

Paninis are the original grown-up grilled cheese, and this one goes big on flavor with prosciutto, roasted red peppers, and herbaceous basil pesto. (via Babble)

8. Grilled Cheese with Apple and Sage

Fresh sage brings huge flavor to this fall-inspired grilled cheese with crisp apples and sharp cheddar. (via Babble)

9. Grilled Cheese Kabobs

Who needs bread? Try these delicious deconstructed grilled cheese kabobs for a delicious snack. (via Babble)

10. Havarti Dill Grilled Cheese

Though often rich and buttery, grilled cheese can also be a great way to play up lighter flavor combinations. This light and lively Havarti, dill, and cucumber sandwich on rye bread presents a winning combination of lighter flavors. (via Babble)

11. Italian Style Grilled Cheese

A panino-style sandwich is the perfect way to make a grown-up grilled cheese. This one features scrumptious prosciutto, plus a rich, and fresh mozzarella. (via Babble)

12. Grilled Cheese with Jalapeños

Spice things way up with fresh jalapeños and red onions! (via Babble)

13. Gruyere and Pear Grilled Cheese

Get sophisticated with this incredibly flavorful grilled cheese with Gruyere and pear. (via Babble)

14. Skinny Grilled Cheese

Get all the gooey, melty flavor of a great grilled cheese with less guilt when you try this skinny take grilled cheese. (via Babble)

15. Portabello Mushroom and Basil Pesto Panini

Portobellos add loads of meaty flavor to this basil pesto panini sandwich recipe. (via Babble)

16. Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups

These cheesy delights are perfect for dipping into tomato soup or your child’s favorite sauce! (via Babble)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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