Halloween Candy Remix

So Halloween is over and you feel the need to reuse all your kids loot. If you think about it, that’s disgusting. Why not just eat the candy as is? Unfortunately I came across some disturbing uses for leftover Halloween candy and I just had to share. Check out the horrifying Halloween candy recipes after the jump…

*Photo credit: Serious Eats

  • Snicker’s Salad 1 of 14
    Snicker's Salad
    I just threw up in my mouth
    Get the recipe here kids cooking
  • Leftover Halloween Candy Pie 2 of 14
    Leftover Halloween Candy Pie
    Willy Wonka Pooped a Pie
    Get the recipe here Serious Eats
  • Harvest Snack Mix 3 of 14
    Harvest Snack Mix
    This is called harvest snack mix because it uses all the candy that has recently been harvested by child labor
    Get the recipe here Taste of home
  • Skittles Vodka 4 of 14
    Skittles Vodka
    Oh wait, this is pure genius. Kids, bring me your skittles!
    Get the recipe here MixThatDrink
  • Candy Corn Pumpkin 5 of 14
    Candy Corn Pumpkin
    Since I have an extra 500 hours I think I'll do this.
    Get the recipe here Curbly
  • Candy Bar Cooler 6 of 14
    Candy Bar Cooler
    Chug it! Chug it! Chug it!
    Get the recipe here MrFood
  • Puff pastry Candy Bar 7 of 14
    Puff pastry Candy Bar
    People are sick. Oh wait this looks like my Cheater Pain Au Chocolate recipe. Never mind.
    Get the recipe here PuffPastry
  • Candy Corn Fudge 8 of 14
    Candy Corn Fudge
    Because fudge is not rich enough on its own
    Get the recipe here WomansDay
  • Sweet Tarts Milk Shake 9 of 14
    Sweet Tarts Milk Shake
    Mmmm, sour milk is hard to beat
    Get the recipe here RealSimple
  • Halloween Candy Bark 10 of 14
    Halloween Candy Bark
    Take your candy and turn it into…candy
    Get the recipe here FoodBeast
  • Candy Pancake 11 of 14
    Candy Pancake
    Way to start off the kids right!
    Get the recipe here FoodBeast
  • Candy Devour! 12 of 14
    Candy Devour!
    I just love this moms approach
    Get the recipe here FoodBeast
  • Frozen Reese’s Banana Pops 13 of 14
    Frozen Reese's Banana Pops
    Ok fine, props for this containing mostly banana
    Get the recipe here RealSimple
  • Twix Cheesecake 14 of 14
    Twix Cheesecake
    I love Twix, I don't love cheesecake so boo on you
    Get the recipe here RealSimple

*Note, I may poke fun, but the truth is I would devour almost all of these. (Why would I eat the banana? Waste of a good candy bar!) If any of these interest you, check out my gross out trick or treaters post or disgusting, disturbing and irresponsible Halloween party food.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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