Halloween Cookie Decorating with Sweetopia

One of the sweetest bloggers on the internet — in real life and in the kitchen — is Marian of the über-popular Sweetopia. Marian sees the world through cookie eyes, finding delicious inspiration for her decorated creations everywhere. She is, of course, the go-to girl for stunning Halloween treats like these spiderweb cookies, or you could go all the way and give her haunted gingerbread house a whirl. Who says cookie houses are only for Christmas?

I had the opportunity to meet Marian in person in Toronto recently, and she’s every bit as sweet as her cookies.

“My fascination with making sweets actually began eight years ago with gingerbread houses,” Marian says. “The first house I made wasn’t the prettiest, but I was hooked! Eventually, I began delving into decorated cookies, cupcakes and am now starting to learn about making cakes. It’s a hobby in which the learning and possibilities are endless; I have so many projects that I’d like to try, I know I’ll be busy for many years to come.”

By successfully parlaying her thing for sweets into a well-read blog, she shares her experience and knowledge with fellow cookie enthusiasts, helping them master the art of cookie decorating.

She has some advice for those new to the craft. “The consistency of the icing is key to a fun and successful decorating experience,” she says. “You do need different consistencies for different techniques. For example, you’d need a thick texture to do a shell border, but if you’re interested in flooding cookies, you’ll need a runnier icing.” Because consistency is key, she utilizes plenty of photos and videos to demonstrate exactly what you’re looking for.

“I use a trick called the 10 second rule to help me figure out the exact consistency,” she told me. Here’s her video demonstrating how to know when it’s right!

How sweet is she? I told you!

If you’re looking for more Halloween cookie inspiration, check out Sweetopia for spiderweb cookies, stained glass cookies, cute (and only slightly spooky) owl cookies, mask cookies, directions on how to make your royal icing black, and don’t forget the Halloween haunted gingerbread house!

Happy baking!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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