Halloween Full Moon And Bat Quesadilla

I saw an adorable tutorial for a similar quesadilla, but I didn’t have any of the supplies on hand so I decided to get creative. The kids had input on what spice to use for the shape and Sylvie won with paprika over Lincoln’s request for a salt moon! It turned out beautifully and was devoured by the littles. Get the how to after the jump…

  • Bat And Circle Cookie Cutters 1 of 4
    Bat And Circle Cookie Cutters
  • Sprinkling The Paprika 2 of 4
    Sprinkling The Paprika
  • Brushing Off The Excess 3 of 4
    Brushing Off The Excess
  • Full Moon With Bat 4 of 4
    Full Moon With Bat
    Ready to eat!

Halloween Quesadilla adapted from Hungry Happenings

The recipe I found calls for a stencil, an egg wash and chili powder – I didn’t have a stencil, my kids ate the last eggs for breakfast and chili powder was a bit too spicy for them so here is what we did.

Dug through our cookies cutters for some fun Halloween shapes – we decided on the circle for the full moon and the bat.

Placed the cookie cutter onto a tortilla and sprayed just the inside area of the cookie cutter with cooking spray.

Sprinkled the inside area with paprika until it was covered in the spice. Remove the cookie cutter and shake any excess off into the sink or trash. Brushed off any paprika that remained outside the shape, the placed it design side down onto the pan. Sprinkled with cheese and placed another plain tortilla on tip. Cook over medium for about 1 to 2 minutes, then flip and cook for an addition minute or so until the cheese is melted. Serve immediately.

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