Halloween History: A Few Fun Facts!

Halloween Ghost Tomato
Halloween Ghost Tomato

Amidst all the candy corn, caramel apples, creepy costumes and smiling pumpkins, it’s not uncommon to pause and wonder about the history behind Halloween. Your favorite spooky holiday has a cool and creepy past. The roots of Halloween are based on more than a good scare, a good costume and a good piece of chocolate. The Daily Meal has a great breakdown in “A Brief History of Halloween” — here are a few of my favorite facts from the article. Including one about why you might want to carve turnips instead of pumpkins — and can you guess the two most beloved Halloween candy bars?…

Fun Facts from The Daily Meal’s article: “A Brief History of Halloween”

“..the tradition of carving pumpkins into spooky jack-o’-lanterns derives from the Celtic practice of carving faces into hollowed turnips.”

“the large majority of pumpkins purchased in the U.S. are used for carving jack-o’-lanterns, rather than cooking or baking”

* Two most-classic costumes that date back to early times: Witches and Dracula

“The origins of Halloween are linked to a Celtic festival of the dead, called Samhain. It marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the “dark season” with costumes to ward off ghosts, and bonfires.”

“In the early days of Protestant America, Halloween was a generally unpopular holiday. But immigrants coming in from Ireland and beyond were big supporters of the celebration and helped popularize it for Americans.”

“…people in costume would go house to house asking for either money or food.”

“Original trick-or-treaters could get anything from coins and toys to cookies and fruits.

“One of the original Halloween sweets was candy corn, but wrapped chocolates and hard candies finally made their fateful push into the Halloween lexicon in the 1950s.”

* Today, Halloween is celebrated in different ways all over the globe: “Common threads through all international Halloween festivities are an honoring of the deceased and a keeping away of evil spirits.”

Still curious about the most popular candy? Here’s your answer..

“Today, people spend more than $2 billion on Halloween candy, with Snickers and Reese’s at the top of the heap.”

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Get more History of Halloween Facts! -> Read the entire article over at The Daily Meal : Celtic Festivals to Candy Corn: A Brief History of Halloween

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