Ham & Cheese, Brownies & Cinnamon Buns! 7 Things You Can Make with Your Waffle Maker

Waffle Brownies

I don’t know why it took me so long, but lately I’ve become enamored with my waffler maker. There are all sorts of awesome things you can make with it in addition to waffles! Of course, there are also a few great waffle recipes you can make and I’ve included some of them here, too. I just own a regular waffle maker and all of these recipes as worked on it, but a Belgian waffle maker would work just as well. What would you like to try on your waffle maker? Let me know and I’ll give it a try!

  • Banana Bread Waffles 1 of 7
    Banana Bread Waffles
    These awesome waffles combine the flavor of banana bread with an everyday waffles. Trust me, your kids will love the flavor and won't know whether or not to eat it for breakfast for pack them for snack!
    Make banana bread waffles
  • Cinnamon Roll Waffles 2 of 7
    Cinnamon Roll Waffles
    Did you know you can bake cinnamon rolls on your waffle maker? Simple place the dough on the hot iron and press down for three minutes. Then, enjoy!
    Make cinnamon roll waffles
  • Waffle Brownies 3 of 7
    Waffle Brownies
    How awesome is it that you can actually make your favorite dessert on a waffle iron? Simply make this delicious, easy brownie batter and bake them in less than five minutes!
    Make waffle brownies
  • Waffle Ham & Cheese 4 of 7
    Waffle Ham & Cheese
    Take your favorite sandwich to the waffle maker with this savory waffle. It is such a great way to toast and melt cheese and enjoy a hefty, healthy sammie for lunch or dinner.
    Make waffle ham and cheese
  • Waffle French Toast 5 of 7
    Waffle French Toast
    You can make more than just waffles for breakfast on a waffle iron. Try this awesome method for making waffle french toast - it is like two delicious breakfast combined into one.
    Make waffle french toast
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites 6 of 7
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites
    Chocolate chip cookie dough bakes beautifully on a waffle maker. The only tough part is removing the freshly baked cookie! When I did it I got these cookie bites instead which I promptly added on top of my ice cream.
    Make chocolate chip cookie bites
  • Polka Dot Nutella Waffles 7 of 7
    Polka Dot Nutella Waffles
    One of the things that is so fun about a waffle maker is turning the waffles into whatever you want! For example, this waffle got a nutella makeover - yum!
    Make polka dot nutella waffles

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