Our Kids’ Favorite Foods

  • Our Kids Favorite Foods 1 of 9
    8 "happy meals" from the Family Kitchen bloggers
  • Kelsey | Homemade Pancake Mix 2 of 9
    "This is our family’s favorite pancake mix, which always results in an awesome breakfast with my daughter. You will just love our secret ingredient — it’s a tip my brother picked up from the chef at a hotel he worked at one summer during college!"
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  • Julie | Fun Food Faces 3 of 9
    "My 5-year-old’s current favorite book, Food Play, is a compilation of photographs of playfully carved fruits and vegetables. On a recent rainy weekend, we spent a chunk of afternoon carving hilarious faces out of the fruit and veggies in our fruit bowl."
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  • Shaina | Whole Artichokes 4 of 9
    “While I can think of several adults who wouldn’t jump at the chance to eat a whole artichoke, my 4-year-old is over the moon when they appear on the dinner table. It’s the ultimate finger food for him.”
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  • Brooke | Simplest Pasta Salad 5 of 9
    “This is the most ridiculously addictive pasta salad I’ve ever eaten. My kids will tell you the same thing. Magic happens when you make this pasta salad. Magic.”
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  • Kathy | “Smart” Hot Dogs 6 of 9
    “I’d like to plead my case for the classic American hot dog as the happiest of happy kids foods. Hot dogs are the quintessential 'outdoor' sunny-day dish, and my kids love being outside.”
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  • Angie | Chicken Nuggets 7 of 9
    “My son isn’t a picky eater, but he sure does love chicken nuggets. And what kid doesn’t? Even I can’t turn down deep-fried crispy chicken!”
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  • Brian and Elizabeth | Spaghetti with Meatballs 8 of 9
    “This is one of our daughter’s favorite meals. Easy steps like tearing up bread and messy steps like mixing eggs into ground meat make this a pretty fun dish for her.”
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  • Paula | Turkey Tacos 9 of 9
    “We love tacos in our house. An added benefit is that they’re gluten-free. Our middle son is gluten-intolerant, and we’re always looking for recipes that our whole family can enjoy together. This is one that our kids ask for on a regular basis.”
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