Happy PB and J Day!

PB and Banana
PB and Banana

I hope you have been able to say “Happy PB and J Day” at some point today. And if you missed today, you can surely celebrate all week long! April 2nd is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day – a food holiday (love those) that celebrates the “PB and J” sandwich. What’s your favorite way to eat a PB and J? With so many flavor combos and ingredients to choose from there must be thousands of possible combinations. PB and J is quite possibly the perfect lunch box sandwich. Simple, healthy, long-lasting and filled with fruity nutty cozy flavor. Lets take a look at a few of my favorite PB and J ingredients and recipes..

crunchy peanut butter
crunchy peanut butter
peanut butter sandwich
peanut butter sandwich
rice milk
ice cold rice milk

Peanut Butter
chunky creamy
old school, aka Skippy and such
..or go with almond or cashew butters

Jelly or Jam
straight-up honey or maple syrup
mixed berry
mixed berry
jelly or jam?
..or go with whole fruit like spliced banana

whole wheat
with crusts
no crusts
bagel, pita or English Muffin too…

And don’t forget the bevies. My fave is this creamy basmati rice milk I found at Eataly NYC – made in Italy. Or go with your fave chilled milk. Ice cold. many delicious sandwich recipe options, here are a few ideas..

1) Apricot Jam, Chunky Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, banana slices (pictured here – recipe)

2) Grape jelly with creamy pb on crustless white

3) Strawberry jam with chunky PB on whole wheat

4) Raspberry jam with creamy on multi-grain

5) Honey, banana, chunky pb on white sourdough

6) Creamy Pb with honey and cinnamon

7) Almond Butter and Peach Jam on Wheat

8 ) Cherry Jam, creamy pb on sourdough

9) Blueberry jam, crunchy pb on whole wheat

10) Blackberry with crunchy almond butter on a toasted bagel

peanut butter on bread
peanut butter on bread
PB and Banana
PB and Banana
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