Hardwood Flooring Choices for Your Kitchen

A friend of mine is remodeling her kitchen. I accompanied her to Home Depot to check out all the flooring options. It’s been 12 years, since I selected solid hickory hardwood floors in my own kitchen and I was really impressed with the choices today and how many options you have if you want the look of hardwood.

When I was looking for my own kitchen, I was a bit of a purist. Okay, scratch that. I was a card-carrying hardwood snob. Only traditional, nail-down professionally installed and finished hardwood would do. In my defense, there just weren’t that many other options back then. The laminate floors made to look like hardwood looked like fake plastic wood. The lesser expensive engineered floors with plywood and a thin veneer of hardwood had warranty issues. So I opted for the real thing.

My friend isn’t sure she wants to spend the money for solid hardwood floors. And after seeing the choices with her that day at Home Depot, I don’t blame her.Engineered and laminate hardwood floors have come such a long way. Now you can install your own engineered  floor like a jigsaw puzzle. And the laminate floors don’t look anything like the plastic fake stuff from the past. I had to walk up closer to the samples to tell whether it was real.

What’s even better are the choices of wood finishes. There are so many types of wood from hickory, oak, maple, bamboo and finish color choices. Even cork floors have become more popular. So if you’re thinking about hardwood for your kitchen. Go to Home Depot and check out all the options. You’ll be impressed with both the prices and the choices.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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