Heal the Planet: Start in Your Kitchen. 5 Tips!

Your kitchen is the perfect place to start when you are green-ing your lifestyle. With a few small changes, you will be feeling like you are truly helping the planet, healing the oceans, saving the forests and preserving animal habitats one meal at a time. From eating more plant-based meals to learning how to reuse and buy local ingredients. Here are 5 helpful tips to help you heal the planet. It all starts in the kitchen!..

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    green starts in the kitchen! 5 tips..

    Want to help heal the planet? Start in your kitchen...

  • Tip 1: Try Vegan. For One Day! 2 of 7
    try vegan for a day, here is your menu!

    Did you know that a 2006 United Nation report revealed that "the "livestock sector" generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, trains, ships, and planes in the world combined." That is one good reason to try a few veg-based meals.  You do not need to go cold turkey .. or cold tofu on your omnivore diet. Try eating a plant-based diet for just a day and see how you feel! You might be excited and surprised about how easy, delicious and fun vegan cooking can be. Get a "vegan for a day" menu here!

  • Tip 2: Veganize Your Favorite Meals 3 of 7
    babble on Finding Vegan

    Looking to try plant-based eating for longer than a day? Well you can search for your favorite recipes on the website Finding Vegan. If you love it, there is probably a vegan version of it! Babble even has a nice gallery of submissions on Finding Vegan. Browse recipes on Finding Vegan

  • Tip 3: Recycle and Reuse in Your Kitchen 4 of 7
    salad in jar

    You know those oh so trendy salads in a jar? Well they are a fun way to embrace your green side and recycle food jars from the store. Jars from pasta sauce, jams and more can be cleaned up and reused to create food storage options in your fridge and pantry. Get started by making this balsamic salad in a jar

  • Tip 4: Eat Local 5 of 7
    radishes from the farmer's market

    Eating local may be easier for some people and harder for others, but no matter where you are from there is probably somebody making something delicious or selling some sort of produce or local specialty. Whether it be produce from your local farm market or pies from the best vegan baker in town, staying local means you are helping the planet by cutting down on the amount of transportation required in the making of your meal. Less air and car transport means less exhaust into the blue sky and more fresh foods on your plate. Browse NYC farmer's market photos on Healthy Happy Life

    photo credit: Kathy Patalsky, Healthy Happy Life

  • Tip 5: Read Labels.. 6 of 7
    Read labels to help the planet..

    Read labels when shopping. And do not just look at the nutrition part to check out the calories, nutrients and more. This time check for green stats on the labels of the products you buy! A few: vegan, non-GMO, organic and more. Some labels will even tell you if the company uses "green" energy to produce their products. You can also find out how green the packaging is. Is it made from a percentage of recycled materials? Can you easily recycle the packaging yourself? Interested in labels? Check out this protein powder guide and giveaway on Healthy Happy Life

    photo credit: Kathy Patalsky

  • Earth Shake 7 of 7
    earth shake

    Now lets cheers to your motivated Earth-loving spirit with this frosty, creamy Earth Shake! Make an Earth Shake.


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