Healthier Deep Fried Food at Home Plus 20 Fantastic Fried Food Recipes

Years ago on an episode of Good Eats, Alton Brown talked about how fried food isn’t necessarily bad for you. He weighed food before and after frying to prove that, when done correctly, fried food absorbs very little oil during the cooking process. That visual really stuck with me over the years and has helped alleviate some of the guilt I feel when eating fried foods. As Mark Bittman (one of my food idols!) recently pointed out, fat is good for you and, when cooked properly and with the right oils, we can enjoy a little fried food now and again without adversely affecting our health. As long as we keep plants in our diet, a little fat is okay! Also, did you know you can deep fry with olive oil? The smoking point is above the temperature you need for deep frying, so olive oil is good to go! By deep frying at home, we open ourselves up to using different kinds of oils as well as different coatings for the food to be fried in, all of which can increase the health factor of the food being fried.

Also, recent studies show that fried foods may not be as bad for our health as we think. Eating fried foods on a regular basis may still be linked to obesity, but it may not impact heart health or cause early death.

Bottom line: If we use good fats and deep fry at home, we can occasionally eat delicious fried food without the guilt!

These 20 fantastic fried food recipes will get your creative frying juices (or oils!) flowing. Dig in!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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