Healthy And Fun Halloween Party Food

We all know that Halloween is a night of candy fun and stomach aches and wildness all around. Why not start the kids off right with some healthy and fun and totally adorable treats!  At least they will have something healthy in their tummies before departing on their halloween candy quest. Get all these recipes and more after the jump…

  • Halloween Nachos 1 of 13
    These are not your everyday nachos! CHeck out the cool halloween shapes created by cutting out a tortilla with a cookie cutter.
    Make your own Halloween nachos
  • Horrifying Hummus With Carrot Fingers 2 of 13
    Kids love to dip and they will get a kick out the the carrot witches hand reaching up through the healthy hummus.
    Make your own Horrifying hummus with carrot fingers
  • Halloween Bat And Full Moon Quesadilla 3 of 13
    The clever recipe switches up the usual cut out in favor of creating a halloween shape on top of the quesadilla using a cookie cutter and paprika.
    Make your own Halloween bat and full moon quesadilla
  • Apple Bites 4 of 13
    How fun are these funky grins? They are made with apples and almonds for a healthy kick. I've also seen them made with a bit of peanut butter inside with mouth for easy almond application.
    Get the recipe for Apple ‘bites' at Family Fun
    Image credit Family Fun
  • Edible Eyeballs 5 of 13
    See who can eat the most eyeballs at the party! They are really just carrots with a dab of cream cheese and an olive, so eat up!
    Get the recipe for edible eyeballs at Family Fun
    Image credit Family Fun
  • Monster Toes 6 of 13
    We've seen witches finger made every way imaginable, now your kiddos can feast on some toes! Just wrap a mini sausage in a tortilla with a bell pepper toenail for the full effect.
    Get the recipe for monster toes at Family Fun
    Image credit Family Fun
  • Swamp Juice 7 of 13
    Check out this adorable drink that will have your little ones giggling with joy as they wash down their eyeballs and toes. Wondering what the tiny pebbles are? It's tapioca balls!
    Get the recipe for swamp juice at Family Fun
    Image credit Family Fun
  • Goblin Grins 8 of 13
    Here's the veggie version of the goblin grins. Just slice a pea pod and add a red bell pepper and slivered almonds.
    Get the recipe for goblin grins at Family Fun
    Image credit Family Fun
  • Cheesy Corns 9 of 13
    They look like giant pieces of candy, but it's really cheesy pizza triangles.
    Get the recipe for cheesy corns at Family Fun
    Image credit Family Fun
  • Eerie Eyeballs 10 of 13
    More creepy eyeballs! You'll never guess what these are made of...apple rings, apricots and raisins!
    Get the recipe for eerie eyeballs at Spoonful
    Image credit Spoonful
  • Mini Monster Cheese Balls 11 of 13
    I'm obsessed with these are so are my kids, they are too cute and so much fun to eat!
    Get the recipe for mini monster cheese balls at Hungry Happenings
    Image credit Hungry Happenings
  • Egg Roll Wrapper Pumpkin Pie 12 of 13
    I love the idea of using an egg roll wrapper instead of pie crust. We all know pie crust is just butter or even worse, shortening with flour. At least the egg roll wrapper is a bit healthier.
    Get the recipe for egg roll wrapper pumpkin pie at Make The Best Of Everything
    Image credit Make The Best Of Everything
  • Magical Witches Hats 13 of 13
    These may just look like arable cookie hat, but they are actually stuffed with chicken and broccoli.
    Get the recipe for magical witches hats at Hungry Happenings
    Image credit Hungry Happenings

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