Healthy Eating: My Favorite Healthy Food Blogs To Read for New Year's Inspiration and Motivation

Sigh, it’s January and that salad is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Or should I say puffy, tired eyes…you catch my drift.

This time of year there’s definitely a reoccurring message floating around with everyone I talk to…I overindulged during the holidays, I didn’t work out enough, I just don’t feel ‘good’. I too am feeling all of those things and have committed myself to cleaning up my diet and getting myself back on track. And I have to say, I’m pretty excited about it…(the power of positive thinking can be a good thing!).

Thankfully, there are so many sources of inspiration out there on the internet to help us buckle down and want to incorporate healthy eating habits back into our lives again. I am always surfing the blogs looking for new ideas, recipes and motivation from others to keep me going, because let’s be honest, it’s not easy to break bad holiday habits.

Here are some of my favorite healthy food blogs that I turn to when I need a little boost. Is your favorite on here? Please share who inspires you when you need it most!

  • Ingredients, Inc 1 of 15
    Ingredients, Inc
    Alison is a true example of health and balance. Her blog is fun and full of healthy recipes and wellness tips.
    Visit Ingredients, Inc for healthy inspiration
  • Can You Stay For Dinner? 2 of 15
    Can You Stay For Dinner?
    I just discovered Andie's blog and am totally motivated by her positive attitude and approach to food and wellness. She has maintained a 135 lb weight loss for 5 years, if that's not inspiring I don't know what is. Check out her helpful post on how to make a delicious 400 calorie salad.
    Visit Can You Stay For Dinner for healthy inspiration
  • Cara’s Cravings 3 of 15
    Cara's Cravings
    Cara's healthy approach to food and cooking will motivate you to try new things, her recipes are clean and full of flavor...healthy eating doesn't get much better than this.
    Visit Cara's Cravings for healthy inspiration
  • Clean Eating with Dani Spies 4 of 15
    Clean Eating with Dani Spies
    I have been a fan of Dani's blog for a while, her recipes always look delicious and her videos are super helpful if trying to learn new techniques to incorporate healthy foods into your diet.
    Visit Clean Eating with Dani Spies for healthy inspiration
  • Fit Piglet 5 of 15
    Fit Piglet
    Shannon is my real life Jillian Michaels, she's my former pilates instructor and she is one of the most positively motivating person I know. She's constantly updating her Facebook fans on tips, news and motivation to get your body moving and eating right. Love Fit Piglet and you will too!
    Visit Fit Piglet for healthy inspiration
  • A Girl and Her Carrot 6 of 15
    A Girl and Her Carrot
    Jen's blog is full of delicious food, fun photos and motivational words! I can't stop thinking about her spaghetti squash pizza, yum!
    Vist A Girl and Her Carrot for healthy inspiration
  • The Gracious Pantry 7 of 15
    The Gracious Pantry
    Tiffany's blog was recently introduced to me by one of my readers and I'm so glad it was! Her blog is full of healthy food and documents her new clean eating lifestyle, speed bumps and all.
    Visit The Gracious Pantry for healthy inspiration
  • Jeanette’s Healthy Living 8 of 15
    Jeanette's Healthy Living
    I've been following Jeanette's blog for a while and she is always inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to cooking! Her food is full of flavor, seasonal and just plain old beautiful!
    Visit Jeanette's Healthy Living for healthy inspiration
  • Kalyn’s Kitchen 9 of 15
    Kalyn's Kitchen
    I discovered Kalyn's Kitchen back when I was on the South Beach Diet. Her recipes make 'dieting' look glorious! She's been blogging for many years and has a recipe index to prove it.
    Visit Kalyn's Kitchen for healthy inspiration
  • Nutritious Eats 10 of 15
    Nutritious Eats
    Melanie is a registered dietition and a mom and her recipes are clean, simple and family friendly...exactly how I like to eat.
    Visit Nutritious Eats for healthy inspiration
  • Oh She Glows 11 of 15
    Oh She Glows
    Angela shares mouthwatering vegan recipes and her active lifestyle with readers...I absolutely love her motivational message on body image and self love and you will too. A must read.
    Visit Oh She Glows for healthy inspiration
  • Perry’s Plate 12 of 15
    Perry's Plate
    Natalie is a mom of 2 little girls and is dedicated to putting healthy, nutritious meals on the table daily for her family. Read her blog to see how she does it, I promise you'll leave hungry.
    VIsit Perry's Plate for healthy inspiration
  • Recipes To Run On 13 of 15
    Recipes To Run On
    What I love about Kim and her blog is her commitment to finding balance as a mom, wife and woman. Her blog inspires me daily with healthy family recipes, motivation to stay active and to just keep 'taking care of me' in general.
    Visit Recipes To Run on for healthy inspiration
  • SkinnyTaste 14 of 15
    Gina has been sharing her amazing 'skinny' recipes with her readers for years. If you are on the Weight Watchers program her blog is a must read, all her recipes include nutritional information and Weight Watcher points!
    Visit SkinnyTaste for healthy inspiration
  • With Style and Grace 15 of 15
    With Style and Grace
    Lisa has become a go to blogger for delicious gluten free recipes. Her site is full of healthy beautiful food and entertaining tips and her shining personality will keep you coming back for more.
    Visit With Style and Grace for healthy inspiration

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