Lunch Recipes for Kids

  • Lunch Recipes for Kids 1 of 11
    10 healthy lunch ideas for school
  • Egg Salad Wrap 2 of 11
    Simply swapping bread with a wrap and adding avocado is all it takes to make an ordinary egg salad sandwich extraordinarily yummy.
    Make Egg Salad Wrap »
  • Homemade Lunchables 3 of 11
    Are your kids falling prey to packaged food peer pressure? These homemade lunchables will help your kid fit in at the lunch table and eat healthily at the same time.
    Make Homemade Lunchables »
  • Pinto Bean Dip with Pita and Carrots 4 of 11
    This fiber- and protein-packed combination of pinto bean dip, pita triangles, and carrot sticks will make your kid the master of her meal as she dips and mixes.
    Make Pinto Bean Dip with Pita and Carrots »
  • Homemade Chicken Nuggets 5 of 11
    Chicken nuggets are an inevitable school lunch offering that a homemade sandwich just can’t compete with. Treat your kids to these bite-sized, crispy and dip-able baked nuggets that won’t clog their arteries and will taste delicious warm or room temperature.
    Make Homemade Chicken Nuggets »
  • Lunchbox Pizza 6 of 11
    Okay, it may seem like a stretch — a tomato tart for a kid? — but this puff pastry with tomatoes and olive oil is actually a healthier, fresher version of leftover pizza, and it tastes just as good at room temperature.
    Make Lunchbox Pizza »
  • Apple Slices with Nutella 7 of 11
    Snack preparation doesn’t get easier than this: Slice, dip, roll, and voilà! A simple way to get your kids to chomp down some fruit.
    Make Apple Slices with Nutella »
  • Sweet Potato Chips 8 of 11
    If your kid enjoys potato chips, these baked sweet potato chips closely resemble the packaged ones but are much healthier.
    Make Sweet Potato Chips »
  • Carrot Cake Cookies 9 of 11
    There’s always room for a little sweetness in every healthy diet. With whole-wheat flour and ground flax seed, this treat is as guiltless as it gets.
    Make Carrot Cake Cookies »
  • 2-Minute Candied Nuts 10 of 11
    If you want to add a little sugar treat to the end of a healthy meal, you can skip the usual chocolate chip cookies and go with these golden bundles of protein and healthy fat.
    Make 2-Minute Candied Nuts »
  • FUNtastic Party Sandwiches 11 of 11
    These sandwiches are so adorable your brown baggers will swallow them up no matter what veggies you slip in. Make FUNtastic Party Sandwiches »

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