18 Healthy Party Foods for Kids

  • Grape Salsa 1 of 18
    Grape Salsa
    We know it sounds weird to have grapes in salsa, but we promise your kids will love the sweet addition.
    Make Grape Salsa &raquo
  • Annis Famous Guacamole with Warm Parmesan Chips 2 of 18
    Annis Famous Guacamole with Warm Parmesan Chips
    The perfect way to start a party! Buttery avocado and sweet tomatoes come together to form a mild dip that’s high in healthy fats and sure to please kids of all ages.
    Make Anni’s Famous Guacamole with Warm Parmesan Chips »
  • Crudit’s with Italian Ranch Dip 3 of 18
    Crudit's with Italian Ranch Dip
    This delicious plate of veggies with an irresistible Italian-Ranch dip gives kids the option to eat exactly what they want.
    Make Crudités with Italian Ranch Dip »
  • Ants on a Log 4 of 18
    Ants on a Log
    Kids can make their own “logs” when they recreate the classic combination of celery, peanut butter, and raisins. Who can resist?
    Make Ants on a Log »
  • Apple Chips 5 of 18
    Apple Chips
    Forget potatoes! Get the crunch of a regular chip with the sweetness of a freshly picked apple.
    Make Apple Chips »
  • Healthier Popcorn 6 of 18
    Healthier Popcorn
    A filling, fiber-licious snack that’s a natural childhood favorite; kids will be grabbing this healthy alternative by the handful.
    Make Healthier Popcorn »
  • Kale Chips 7 of 18
    Kale Chips
    It’s easy eating green when you make these baked goodies that have all the crunch of a potato chip but with a lot more nutritional value.
    Make Kale Chips »
  • Sassy Sweet Potato Fries 8 of 18
    Sassy Sweet Potato Fries
    Turn the highly nutritious sweet potato into an all-time kids’ treat: French fries.
    Make Sassy Sweet Potato Fries »
  • Layered Fiesta Rice Salad 9 of 18
    Layered Fiesta Rice Salad
    Gluten-free and low in fat, your kids will gobble up this layered salad that’s loaded with veggies (plus a cool presentation!).
    Make Layered Fiesta Rice Salad »
  • Baked Crispy Chicken Fingers with Apple Fries 10 of 18
    Baked Crispy Chicken Fingers with Apple Fries
    Chicken fingers are a consistent hit with kids, and these baked tenders are the perfect main course. Add some savory apple fries and you have a meal that only looks guilty.
    Make Baked Crispy Chicken Fingers with Apple Fries »
  • Veggie Pizza 11 of 18
    Veggie Pizza
    Cheesy pizza is an all-time kids’ favorite, but who says you can’t throw some veggies on top to boost the nutritional value and flavor?
    Make Veggie Pizza »
  • Peanut Butter and Strawberry Wraps 12 of 18
    Peanut Butter and Strawberry Wraps
    These high-protein, high-fiber wraps will give your kids the energy to make it from games to gifts without a sugary crash.
    Make Peanut Butter and Strawberry Wraps »
  • Cinnamon Tortilla Chips with Fruit Salsa 13 of 18
    Cinnamon Tortilla Chips with Fruit Salsa
    Craving something sweet? Have your dessert first with these cinnamon-dusted chips dunked into a wholesome fruit salsa.
    Make Cinnamon Tortilla Chips with Fruit Salsa »
  • Apple Slices with Nutella 14 of 18
    Apple Slices with Nutella
    Okay, so we know Nutella may not be the healthiest snack on earth, but if it can get kids to eat their fruits without complaining, we’ll take it.
    Make Apple Slices with Nutella »
  • Low-fat Blueberry, Lemon 15 of 18
    Low-fat Blueberry, Lemon
    These fruity squares may seem like a guilty pleasure, but with half the butter and a heaping portion of antioxidant-rich blueberries, they’re the perfect party treat.
    Make Low-fat Blueberry, Lemon & Coconut Squares »
  • Squirmy, Wormy Apples 16 of 18
    Squirmy, Wormy Apples
    This pretend-gross-out snack will appeal to any kid who thinks it’s cool to find something “squirmy” in their food!
    Make Squirmy, Wormy Apples »
  • S’mores Granola Bars 17 of 18
    S'mores Granola Bars
    You’ll be the most popular mom on the block when you hand out these homemade treats at your party!
    Make S'mores Granola Bars »
  • Grape Jiggle Cups 18 of 18
    Grape Jiggle Cups
    Who doesn’t love a healthy snack that wiggles all the way down?
    Make Grape Jiggle Cups »

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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