Heart Attack Grill Closes Shortly after Opening in Dallas

Heart Attack Grill opened their new restaurant in Dallas today. The restaurant chain, known for their shamelessly high-calorie menu items, seems to idealize unhealthiness. They measure burgers by heart by-passes, as in single or double, and up to quad by-pass burgers. The fries are called flatliners, fried in pure lard. The milkshake has supposedly the highest butterfat. And to top it off, candy, beer and cigarettes.

Even with a line of protesters this morning, the restaurant opened with a line of customers of their own. The protesters served fruit to the people waiting in line for the restaurant to open while preaching healthy whole food living.

The restaurant actually has a medical theme. The waitresses are scantily dressed in nurses’ uniforms, and very obese people even eat for free. There’s even a scale at the front of the restaurant to see if you weigh enough, 350 lbs, to eat for free.

The Heart Attack Grill in Dallas closed its doors at 12:15 pm, just one hour and fifteen minutes after opening. The restaurant reports it had operating issues in the kitchen. I am sure protestors are very happy, for today anyway.

Heart Attack Grill was recently in the news when their young spokesperson, 575 lb Blair River died. Read more about that here.

And if you think this is made up, check out there actual site here; it’s really no joke.

Image Credit: Wayne Parham, Heartattackgrill.com

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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