Heart Attack Grill Menu

Otarian Burger
Otarian Burger, not from Heart Attack Grill..

After reading the Heart Attack Grill Menu, I’m not surprised by the news that sadly, Blair River, the spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill (slogan: taste worth dying for) has died at the young age of 29, 575 lbs. Although reports say he died after suffering a severe bout of pneumonia and not a heart attack – you can’t help but wonder if the Heart Attack Grill lifestyle was to blame. I mean check out the Heart Attack Grill Menu. Butterfat Shake? Really? And check out a few burger joints who get it right without going to the ER…

The Heart Attack Grill (with a location in Chandler AZ, and one opening in Dallas in June 2011) has been featured on the Food Network and other media outlets. Serving up 8,000 calorie meals can gain you quite a lot of press. The waitresses serve the meals in mini-skirt nurse costumes. Oh, and did I mention the no-filter cigarettes they sell? And on their map page they chime in: “Treating Anorexia Since 2005!” ..uh, am I the only one who finds this soo not-funny? The Heart Attack Grill (or HAG) shtick seems to be making fun of its own “heart-attack-inducing” menu…

Heart Attack Grill Menu Item Highlights…

single bypass burger
double bypass burger
triple bypass burger
quadruple bypass burger (four stacked burgers and plenty of toppings like cheese and creamy sauce)

Butterfat Shake (world’s highest butterfat content)

flatliner fries (fried in pure lard)

Check out the greasy goods (with lard-dripping photos) at the Heart Attack Grill’s website. You can also see a promotional video of Blair River.

But does the menu really need to be so unhealthy?? Maybe not. All the photos in this post are from “healthy” fast food joints. And check out these burger establishments…

Not Amused by the Heart Attack Grill’s death-inducing shtick? Rebel against this Dietitian’s-Nightmare restaurant and indulge in healthy fast food. More and more healthy (and vegetarian even) burger joints are popping up and proving to be quite successful. Spots like O Burger in Los Angeles (boasting an all organic menu) and Blossom Du Jour in NYC (all vegan fast food). Or VeganBurg, an innovative fast food joint in Singapore. There is even Otarian which serves up carbon-neutral (ECO-friendly) fast food dining. Even the uber-popular “best burger on earth” Umami Burger hotspot serves up a few healthy options like a Veggie Burger.

vegan buffalo wings
veg buffalo wings from Blossom Du Jour

…maybe you don’t have to serve lard to get customers?? I hope.

vegan chickn burger
vegan chickn burger, Blossom Du Jour
Mean Green Edamame Burger
Mean Green Edamame Burger

Get the recipe for my Mean Green Edamame Burger (shown above) here.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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