Heart Shaped Food Day 2: Strawberry Heart Hand Pies

Our family’s heart-shaped food for Valentines Day started with these adorable strawberry heart hand pies. These hand pies are a tasty treat that even your littlest one can help make. Check out how I made these with both of my kids…

  • Strawberry Washing 1 of 13
    Strawberry Washing
    The perfect task for the tiniest ones in the house. Both my kids started this as soon as they could stand.
  • Strawberry Hulling 2 of 13
    Strawberry Hulling
    My mom gave me this nifty tool that's easy enough for my 6 year old to use.
  • Cutting Out Hearts 3 of 13
    Cutting Out Hearts
    This was actually a great learning experience for my girl, she had to figure out how to fit the most hearts onto the crust
  • Peeling Away The Crust 4 of 13
    Peeling Away The Crust
    And placing the cut out hearts onto a silpat lined baking sheet.
  • Slicing Strawberries 5 of 13
    Slicing Strawberries
    I've got these great plastic knives that work well for cutting strawberries and they are worry free for all.
  • Spooning The Filling 6 of 13
    Spooning The Filling
    Place a couple of spoonfuls of strawberry pie filling into the center of each heart.
  • Wetting Down The Edge 7 of 13
    Wetting Down The Edge
    Both kids worked TOGETHER(!) to wet the edges of the crust. Look at those sweet little hands.
  • Sealing The Crust 8 of 13
    Sealing The Crust
    Place the wet side down of the heart and press gently to seal.
  • Pressing With Fork 9 of 13
    Pressing With Fork
    Press with a fork to ensure a good seal. My girl loved this job and was like a pro.
  • Ready For The Oven 10 of 13
    Ready For The Oven
    She is so proud of her creation.
  • Ready To Eat 11 of 13
    Ready To Eat
    The look on her face says it all
  • Taste Test 12 of 13
    Taste Test
    She wants them for breakfast dessert.
  • Finished Strawberry Heart Hand Pie 13 of 13
    Finished Strawberry Heart Hand Pie
    I love how the strawberry on top looks like a heart.

Valentine Strawberry Heart Hand Pies Recipe

1 package pre made pie crust (look for one with no hydrogenated oils, like trader joes or store brand)

strawberry pie filling (look for one with no high fructose corn syrup)

fresh strawberries 1 or 2, washed and dried

heart cookie cutter


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Use one package (1 round) of pie crust. Cut out 8 hearts and place 4 onto a Silpat lined baking sheet. Place 2 spoonfuls of strawberry pie filling into the center of each heart. Cut small holes into the center of the remaining hearts. Dip your finger into water and moisten the edge of each remaining heart and place it on top of each prepared heart. Press gently with your finger, then use a fork to press the edges to form a seal. Place one slice of a fresh strawberry on top of each hole. Cook for 20 minutes. Serves 4.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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