Turn Fruit into Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes

image source: kelsey banfield
image source: kelsey banfield


Valentine’s Day treats don’t have to be elaborate affairs all the time. A lot of times my kids are just as happy with small heart-shaped foods as they are heavily decorated cakes. All you need is a cookie cutter. For example, watermelon and strawberries — which are somewhat naturally heart-shaped when sliced — can easily make little hearts for the holiday.

To take my fruit hearts up a notch I like to freeze them into super cute ice. It really only takes minutes to do and my kids get the biggest kick out of the frozen fruit. We like to add them to sparkling water to make a special V-Day drink to go with dinner. Sometimes it really is the simplest treat that puts the biggest smiles on their faces!

To make this super fun for the adults too, try adding them to champagne cocktails like a Kir Royale or French 77. They would also taste great in a Vodka Cranberry with seltzer and a squeeze of lime. Either way, you can’t lose. You’ll all love these sweet Valentine’s treats!

image source: kelsey banfield

Heart-Shaped Fruit Ice Cubes

Makes: 1 dozen per fruit (or 2 glasses full)


  • 6 large strawberries
  • 1 triangular watermelon slice (1 1/2-inch thick)
  • Small heart-shaped cookie cutter, about 1-inch at the widest part


  1. Place a paper towel on top of a cutting board. This will help absorb the extra fruit juice that leaks out when you cut it.
  2. Slice the strawberries in half with a paring knife. Gently remove the tops and cut out a little “v” shape in the center when you remove the white center. Trim the top corners if you’d like a more rounded heart shape. Place the berries on a porcelain plate that will fit in your freezer.
  3. Place a new piece of paper towel on the cutting board. Place the watermelon slice on top and use your heart-shaped cookie cutter to make large heart shapes. Then turn the hearts on their sides and slice into thirds. Place these on the porcelain plate.
  4. Freeze the fruit for at least 4 hours. Then remove and divide the cubes between two glasses. Fill each glass with sparkling water or your desired beverage, and serve!
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