7 Hidden Dangers when Feeding Baby

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I don’t think I’m alone in saying that there were several times when I was feeding my infant daughter that I worried if the spoon I was using was right for her, or if her food was cut small enough. With all the crazy stories out there it can be scary just to sit your baby in a high chair let alone begin to feed them! Some of those stories you read are truth – certain feeding tools are better than others – but some are fiction. Here are the ones worth taking note of for safety sake!

  • 12 Foods You Should NEVER Feed a Baby 1 of 7
    12 Foods You Should NEVER Feed a Baby
    It is important to introduce your baby to lots of different flavors early and often. But there are also some foods you should NEVER feed a baby. They could cause a baby to choke, have an allergic reaction, or worse.
    Notes these 12 Foods You Should Never Feed a Baby
  • Use only BPA-free Materials 2 of 7
    Use only BPA-free Materials
    BPA is an additive found in many bottles, metal cans, and pacifiers. It can be quite harmful to anyone who consumes it. Research has shown it can be an estrogen disruptor and cause neural problems, fertility problems, and even heart arythmia. Be sure to buy products that specify they are BPA-free to avoid exposure.
    Check out these important actions the FDA is taking to reduce human exposure to BPA
  • Use Soft Plates & Cups to Avoid Breakage 3 of 7
    Use Soft Plates & Cups to Avoid Breakage
    Babies often grab the plates and cups they are eating and drinking from. Never underestimate how quickly those little hands can move! Only use soft, pliable plates and cups. In the event they get thrown off the chair or banged on the tray, they won't shatter and create sharp edges that could cut a baby.
    You can find this great pliable plastic plate on
  • Use a High Chair with Size Appropriate Straps 4 of 7
    Use a High Chair with Size Appropriate Straps
    Never underestimate what a squirming baby can get out of. ALWAYS strap a baby in with sturdy clips and in a size-appropriate chair. This is essential to avoiding a baby sustaining serious injuries caused by falling out a highchair.
    Check out Dr. Sears to learn more about potential high chair injuries, including when to call the doctor.
    Get this well-designed highchair on
  • Start with Washable Cloth Bibs 5 of 7
    Start with Washable Cloth Bibs
    A great way to start with feeding is just to strip a baby down to being bare on top. But, if you can't do that, start by using pure cotton, washable cloth bibs. These are completely safe for a baby to put in his mouth along with the food. Yes, it may mean an extra load of laundry for you, but that is better than a baby chewing on BPA-filled plastic.
    Get this safe cotton bib on
  • Use Shallow, Flat Feeding Spoons with Safety Tips 6 of 7
    Use Shallow, Flat Feeding Spoons with Safety Tips
    Start feeding a baby using a wide, flat spoon with safety tips made of food-grade silicone. If a spoon is too narrow and deep it may carry too much baby food on it that could choke a baby. A wider surface makes it harder for a baby to fit deep in their mouths, and the shallow surface prevents it from carrying too much food.
    Dr. Spock also recommends using rubber tipped spoon because they are easy on babies who want to bite the actual spoon
  • Don’t Overheat Food 7 of 7
    Don't Overheat Food
    Heat baby food by immersing it in a simmering pot of water. Using the microwave can make the meal scalding hot in a matter of seconds, which can result in burn injuries in a baby's mouth.
    Annabel Karmel has some great tips on heating baby food on her websiteTo be extra sure food is cool enough to eat, stir it thoroughly, then put a little bit on your own tongue, or the inside of your wrist. It should barely register as warm to you.
    Check out these 25 delicious homemade baby food recipes and instructions on how to serve them at the appropriate temperature

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