Holiday Cupcakes for Kids: Cute cake decorating ideas kids will eat up

At this time of year, you are likely to be incredibly busy, dashing around and preparing for the holidays. You may want to bake something special, either for a party or as a gift. But you haven’t been organized enough to bake a fruit cake weeks in advance, and you can’t face making a big cake. So what’s the solution?

Cupcakes, of course! It seems we just can’t get enough of them. Perfect for one, or made for sharing, cupcakes fit the bill no matter what the occasion. They make the perfect gift packaged into pretty boxes or are great for when you want a sweet afternoon treat without going overboard on a great big slice of rich cake.

Having said that, you can, obviously, go completely over the top. When you are armed with a selection of food coloring pastes and a small number of piping nozzles and bags, there is no end to the delights you can whip up at this creative time of year. Take a look around you and feel inspired by the holiday season – just about anything works on top of an adorable cupcake.

  • Fat Penguins
    You can’t make a cuter cupcake than this. Adults will love them just as much as kids, so set aside a fun afternoon to create these adorable little characters. Complete the wintry scene with crushed meringues scattered around the penguins.Get the Recipe »





  • Christmas Trees
    Here’s a forest of sparkly, festively adorned trees topped with silver and gold stars. All they need now is a pile of gifts underneath them! You’ll need to be reasonably confident with a piping bag for these, but practice makes perfect!Get the Recipe »




  • Snow-ho-ho-men
    Almost too cute to eat, these fine fellows are bursting with character and charm. Have fun with their accessories and expressions to give them each their own personality. Sprinkle desiccated coconut all around them to create a snowy scene.Get the Recipe »

Credit: Holiday Cupcakes by Annie Rigg. Ryland Peters & Small, $15.95. Photo credit: Kate Whitaker

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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