Homemade Christmas and Holiday Gifts of Food: Skinny Chocolate Covered Apples

Although many of us enjoy making homemade edible gifts for Christmas or Holiday Gifts, they can sometimes be quite time consuming. Plus, these treats can also be high in calories and fat so this is more of a skinny chocolate covered apple if you will.

Also, I love getting my children involved in the kitchen and making gifts therefore, I made sure our covered apples activity would be super simple and quick.  I know most people think of caramel covered apples when you mention covered apples but please consider making without caramel for a very good reason….

When creating Caramel or Chocolate covered apples, you can keep it as plain or as fancy as you wish.  This particular project included children in the 5 to 7 year age group and their moms. Do you know what you need to consider when you are feeding 5-7 year olds? Loose teeth therefore, we skipped the caramel layer in hopes of avoiding any dramatic teeth stuck to apple situations.

The lack of caramel also means that the chocolate may fall off when cutting the apple and trust me, I was concerned but none of the youngsters said a thing as they simply picked up any chocolate that fell off with a bite.

If you do want to give these as a gift, wrap the stick as I did or wrap in cellophane first and then tie with a bow.

Green or Red apples
Chocolate Candy Melts (try to find with no hydrogenated oils)
Assorted candies, whole or broken into pieces

1. Clean apples and remove stem
2. Melt chocolate per manufacturer’s instructions
3. Drizzle or pour the melted chocolate over the apples
4. Apply any candies before the chocolate sets or simply allow the chocolate to set

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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