Homemade Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

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    Samoas, Thin Mints, and more
  • Samoas 2 of 9
    Good news for your taste buds, bad news for your waist line — now you can eat these chocolate-drizzled caramel and coconut delicacies all year long.
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  • Do-Si-Dos 3 of 9
    With creamy peanut butter and a touch of powdered sugar, these cookies are stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth good — gobble them up with a cold glass of milk and a whole lot of laughs.
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  • Tag-a-Longs 4 of 9
    Know why we think these are called tag-a-longs? Because if someone has a handful of these choco-PB goodies, you will follow them anywhere.
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  • Lemonades 5 of 9
    The last days of summer are fading away, but you can keep the season alive with these citrusy sweet Girl Scout treats.
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  • Thanks-a-Lot Cookies 6 of 9
    Thanks-a-Lot Cookies
    These definitely live up to their name — when you give your kids one of these warm shortbread cookies dipped in gooey chocolate, you’re sure to get a “Thanks mom!” in between mouthfuls.
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  • Trefoils 7 of 9
    Sure, these don’t have the super cool Girl Scout logo on them, but they taste just as good (or better!) than the classic buttery shortbread cookies.
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  • Thin Mints 8 of 9
    Thin Mints
    Funny, we never feel very “thin” after eating these minty chocolate treats — though maybe that’s because we can’t resist eating a whole roll of them, or in this case, a batch!
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  • Cinna-spins 9 of 9
    Sugar and spice and everything nice — these retired Girl Scout cookies can make a comeback in your kitchen! Whip up a batch and kick back as you share memories of your own troop days with your little ones.
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