Homemade Goodie Bag Treats For Birthday Parties

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A few weeks ago, my daughter celebrated her 5th birthday. We threw her a big birthday bash at a nearby park, with family and friends. I chose the park as our party location for a few reasons…for one, right now the weather in our area is absolutely beautiful and you just want to be outside. Two, parks just provide lots and lots of space for kids to run free, and at very little cost. I didn’t really want to throw a big, extravagant party – I just wanted my little girl to be able to enjoy a fun day with all of her friends.

Since the party was at the park, we were really flexible with our guest list and invited lots of family friends, as well as school friends and their siblings. When I started thinking of “goodie bags” (which have become my least favorite thing about birthday parties if you ask me), I got a little overwhelmed about the amount of them and how much it would cost me. I happen to come across this adorable Party Popcorn on my friend Amy’s blog and instantly had the answer to my goodie bag dilemma. Ironically, I had absolutely everything I needed in the house – popcorn, candy melts leftover from the holidays, plenty of sprinkles and a ton of plastic treat bags for packaging. I had 30 bags of this delicious (and incredibly addictive) Party Popcorn ready to go in no time at all. This made me a very happy mama.

This easy homemade goodie bag solution lead me to look around and find more possibilities for our next party…thought I’d share them along with you in case you were in party planning mode right now.

  • Crispy Bunny Treats 1 of 8
    When I saw these treats I thought they would be absolutely adorable for a birthday that falls in the spring! Who wouldn't love to go home from a birthday party with a rice krispie treat?
    Make Julie's crispy bunny treats
  • Baked Caramel Corn 2 of 8
    Caramel corn is always a welcomed treat and this baked one from Brenda at A Farmgirl's Dabbles is no exception. Just look at that drizzle of chocolate!
    Make A Farmgirl's Dabbles baked caramel corn
  • Flower Treats 3 of 8
    My daughter would be over the moon if I made these treats for her and her friends. They are perfect for spring birthdays and the colorful fruity pebbles make them even prettier.
    Make Angie's springtime flower treats
  • Candy Mix 4 of 8
    I normally make a candy mix like this around the holidays, but why not bag it up and send friends home with it after a birthday party? The beauty behind the "recipe" is that there is no recipe, throw in some favorite treats like pretzels, m&ms and nuts and you've got a perfect mix.
    Make candy mix
  • Oreo Truffles 5 of 8
    With just 3 ingredients, these oreo truffles would be fun to make with your kids (if you have that kind of patience!). To turn them into goodie bag treats, make sure they are completely hardened and dry before you bag them up. These would be easy to customize with different colored icing pastes.
    Make Mommy's Kitchen oreo truffles
  • Party Popcorn 6 of 8
    When I saw Amy's party popcorn I knew I immediately knew I had to make it for my next party. Better yet, send it home with guests asin festive little bags for them to enjoy later. It doesn't get much simpler to put together and you can have fun with it by "accessorizing" the sprinkles to your party theme.
    Make She Wears Many Hat's party popcorn
  • S’more Trail Mix 7 of 8
    How adorable is this chocolatey little snack mix? It comes together in a cinch with just a few ingredients and would perfect for serving at a party or sending home as a sweet thank you.
    Make Angie's s'more trail mix
  • Homemade Trail Mix 8 of 8
    With the help of printables, Sommer turns this sweet homemade trail mix into an adorable little treat bag!
    Make Spicy Perspective's homemade trail mix

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