Homemade Ice Cream is In the Bag!

During the hot summer months, making your own ice cream is a fun summer project to do with kids. However, not all kitchens come equipped with ice cream makers, and they can be expensive appliances to buy. Ice cream in a can is a popular alternative, but it turns out sturdy Hefty Slider Bags are perfect for making – and freezing – your very own ice cream. Here’s how!

Making ice cream in Hefty Slider Bags is similar to making it in cans; I find bags easier to work with, and unlike giant coffee cans, I always have them on hand. The flexibility of a small Hefty Slider Bag within a larger one makes it easy to shake, turn and toss the bag until it transforms the sweetened cream inside into ice cream.

What you’ll need:

1 cup half & half or whipping cream
3-4 Tbsp. sugar (white or brown)
1/4 tsp. vanilla
6 cups crushed ice
1/3 cup(ish) coarse or pickling salt

Ice + salt = a briny mixture that’s colder than ice on its own; pick up coarse or pickling salt, and add a handful of it to a large Hefty Slider Bag filled about three-quarters full.

Nestle a smaller Hefty Slider Bag in the ice-salt mixture, and pour in some sweetened cream. (This is where reliable freezer bags are a very good idea-particularly when you can open and close the bags and still trust them to stay sealed.)

Once the smaller bag is filled with cream, sealed and nestled into the ice-salt mixture, seal the big bag and shake it up, turn it over, gently toss it back and forth – we played Duck, Duck, Goose in the back yard, and took turns running around a circle of chairs holding the bag. After about ten minutes, we had ice cream.

You could, of course, add mashed or pureed berries, chocolate, or any other flavorings or mix-ins you like. Ice cream has infinite possibilities. Happy summer!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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