Homemade Matzoh Bread with Winnie Abramson of Healthy Green Kitchen

Matzoh bread (also known as matza, matzah, matzo, matsah, matsa, and matze) is an unleavened bread popular during passover, when leavened breads are not allowed. Made simply of flour and water, matzoh is dense and cracker-like, a hard bread used in many ways like a cracker, and to make dishes like eggy matzoh brei, a delicious passover breakfast.

I’m not much of a matzoh expert myself, but every year Winnie Abramson, creator of Healthy Green Kitchen, makes fresh matzoh from scratch with her dad, a chef-restauranteur who owned a popular restaurant when she was a child, and helped her grow up with a love of cooking. Her dad makes matzoh in his wood-fired oven, which produces great blisters and char marks on the dough – if you aren’t lucky to have one in your back yard, you can bake your matzoh in a very hot oven – about 475F, preheated before you begin to bake.

Winnie and her Dad, Barry, make a simple dough of flour and water in a 3:1 ratio, rolled very thin and pricked with a tool called a docker – a fork would work as well, if not take a bit longer. She has a great matzoh tutorial over on her blog, with step by step photos. She notes that you’re not supposed to let more than 18 minutes pass after you mix the flour with the water, before you get the matzoh in the oven, since after 18 minutes natural leavening starts to take place.

For the full recipe and visual tutorial, visit Winnie in her Healthy Green Kitchen!

*photo courtesy of Winnie at Healthy Green Kitchen

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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